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Flying Tigers Aviation Flight SchoolFlying Tigers is one of the premier flight schools along the Space Coast, offering lessons from experienced, highly qualified flight instructors. Flying Tigers offers basic flight instruction for a private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot, multi-engine, and Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) ratings. They also offer tailwheel instruction and endorsements, aerobatic and unusual attitude training, along with upset recovery. Pilots can also check in regularly to keep their certifications current with FAA-prescribed take-offs and landings. Based from Orlando-Melbourne International Airport’s Hangar 12, Flying Tigers Aviation Flight School is owned and operated by Robert McBride, Jeff Hefner (a commercial airline captain), and his wife Kim Hefner.

The Flying Tigers school is just one component of the growing business: the trio also operates four companies out of their hanger and Orlando-Melbourne International Airport: the flight school, a charter company called Island Coastal Charters, an aircraft maintenance company called Old Pelican Aero, and a very popular local tour company, View From Above. According to Kim Hefner, View From Above “offers guests a unique luxury ‘Super Date,’ an intimate experience, whether it’s an anniversary, engagement, or just a special evening with the one you love, View From Above’s Fly-n-Dine offers a sublime experience and a very special way to view our Space Coast.” Kim then described the date, “Our limousine will pick you up at Firehouse Restaurant in Downtown Melbourne and transport you to the airport for your flight experience. You will board our well-appointed Piper aircraft and depart on a thirty-minute champagne sunset or night flight over the Space Coast’s beaches, South Brevard, and Sebastian. You’ll return to Melbourne International Airport where your limo will be waiting to whisk you back to Firehouse for your dinner, including a complimentary bottle of wine.”


View From Above | Flying Tigers Aviation Flight School | Island Coastal Charters | Old Pelican Aero

1437 General Aviation Dr. Orlando-Melbourne International Airport Melbourne, Florida 32935

Tel: 321-428-3246 | ViewFromAboveFL.com