If you are like many people, one of your top resolutions for the New Year is probably to travel. You may already have considered where and when you’d like to go, but likely have not considered who will be watching your home while you are gone.

It is estimated that every 13 seconds, a home is burglarized in this country. Luckily, steps can be taken to help ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones. Residential security expert Gerry Heibert, chief executive officer of Palm Bay-based CDA Solutions, offers each client a 20-point inspection to help assess key need areas and from there, a personalized security plan can be implemented.

Services range from placing security stickers in visible locations to replacing doors and locks to installing alarms or highly sophisticated access control and monitoring system

One of the key home access points that many people often overlook is the garage.

“Keeping criminals out of your garage is critical to keeping them out of your home,” Heibert says. “Consider your garage door opener as important as your front door key.  When dropping your car off for service, take your automatic garage door opener (back) with you.  Some models can be opened, revealing your security code. That code can then be placed in another opener to access your home at a later date.”

Other tips and tricks include: changing your locks if you misplace a key; ensuring that  door hinges are on the inside of your home; utilizing double locks; making sure your alarm system is in good working order; and making sure your home is well lit.

It is most, though, to take the time to evaluate security weaknesses and make necessary adjustments.  Doing so will help keep your home and belongings safe and allow you to better enjoy your travel resolutions.

Home security checklist

According to Gerry Heibert, CEO of CDA Solutions, a quality home security inspection should take into account the following key areas:

-Exterior windows

-Exterior Doors

-Sliding glass

-Garage doors

-Visibility check

-Window locks

-Door locks


-Sliding door locks

-Swing-in doors

-Locks that need re-keying

-Security stickers

-Front sensor lights

-Rear sensor lights

-Gates secured

-“Beware of Dog” signs

-Security tinting