Now that your sons and daughters are off for the summer, it’s time to plan some picture-perfect moments. With Instagram being the center of most children’s lives, planning a day in a beautiful or iconic area of the Space Coast is a great way for your children to document their lives and for you to enjoy their presence. There are many Instagram-worthy spots all over the world, but you and your family won’t have to travel too far from home to get the perfect post. While visiting these beautiful spots you can also enjoy nearby attractions to ensure your whole day full of family fun and bonding.

Pelican Beach at Sunrise – Satellite Beach
The beach is always a good place to take pictures. In the summer, Instagram is filled to the brim with pictures of sunny days and new bikinis. But, the unfortunate part about the beach in July is that it’s hot. Really hot. So, consider going at sunrise. Not only is the weather significantly cooler, but your kids will get photos of a lifetime. Satellite Beach sunrises are something few get to see, and more wish they could. After you and your children enjoy the sunrise and the photoshoot, you can head over to The Wicked Pineapple for acai bowls, smoothies and coffee. Or, if you like the heat, you can pack your bags and coolers and prepare for a full day at the beach. If this is the case for your family, make sure you stop by Dakine Diego’s, Satellite Beach’s favorite burrito joint.

The Backwater Mural – Downtown Melbourne
Instagrammers love murals. Fortunately, the Space Coast is home to many. If you’re looking to enjoy some shopping and brunch, the Backwater mural is the place to go for that perfect shot. The mural is beautiful, with oranges, orange blossoms and blue jays. It also happens to be on the side of the most popular breakfast restaurant in town. Backwater has griddle tables for those wanting to make their own pancakes, making the inside just as unique and picture perfect as the outside. So, take some pictures by the mural, go to Backwater for brunch, and then enjoy the rest of your day perusing through some of Melbourne’s most popular shops.

Sledd’s U-Pick Farms Sunflower Maze – Mims
If your child has any friends from Brevard, chances are they have seen pictures on Instagram from Sledd’s U-Pick Farms Sunflower Maze. With over four acres of sunflowers, this maze is well worth the drive to Mims. The maze twists and turns and the sunflowers are everywhere. These aren’t small sunflowers either, these are massive, six-foot-high sunflowers. Choose a day that’s not too hot and take your kids to the Sunflower Maze, where they can have a photoshoot in the flowers, and you can enjoy the smell of the crisp air and the feeling of the sun on your skin. After the pictures have been taken you can all pick sunflowers to bring home; however, you must bring your own scissors or knife to cut them, as Sledd’s does not provide the tools for that. Depending on the season, when your sunflower escapades are over, you can pick a multitude of berries, from blackberries to strawberries. Anyone that has ever been berry picking knows the best part is getting to eat them fresh off the bush. So, take a drive and enjoy some good old-fashioned berries and sunflowers.

Gravity Mural – Downtown Eau Gallie
Painted by Michelle Tanguay, this is Eau Gallie Arts District’s newest mural. “Gravity” is located on the back of the old Rick’s Furniture store, facing east towards Clevens Face and Body Specialists. This massive mural will be sure to make your child the envy of any non-Space Coast resident. While you’re visiting Downtown Eau Gallie, you can visit the multitude of other murals in the area. You can also walk over to the Foosaner Museum of Art, or enjoy lunch or a drink at The Salty Fox, The Cottage or Intracoastal Brewery. This area is packed full of food, art and great shopping – how could a day get any better?

The Brevard Zoo – Viera
Everyone loves the zoo. Whether your kids are ages 0-30, they’ll get a kick out of seeing all of the fantastic animals that the Brevard Zoo has to offer. Along with the sightseeing, there are some great places to take Instagram photos, the most popular being the giraffe enclosure and the aviary. You can take photos of your kids feeding a giraffe or feeding the birds, and Instagram post or not, these experiences make great memories.

There are so many picture-perfect memories waiting to be made on the Space Coast. Next time you go out, tag @spacecoast_living_mag!