We like our products like we like our friends… non-toxic!

If the bright packaging doesn’t immediately catch your eye, the SANZ slogan certainly will. I was drawn in by these words; however, I didn’t fully understand what they meant. What does it mean for a beauty company to be non-toxic?

When it comes to activism in the beauty industry, the language in the conversation has heavily focused on two concepts: vegan and cruelty-free. And, while these are great ideas to stand behind, there are other dangers hiding in the beauty industry that need to be addressed as well. Those dangers? Toxins.

Many may not be aware, but a lot of the moisturizers and other body products we use daily contain harmful, toxic chemicals. After all, no beauty company is going to advertise their products as “toxic.”

According to an article found at Huffington Post, the main 10 chemicals we should avoid when buying our next beauty products are: parabens, synthetic colors, fragrance, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate/sodium laureth sulfate, formaldehyde, toluene, propylene glycol and sunscreen chemicals. This is a mouthful. Even worse than this long list of chemicals to avoid is the long list of products containing them. Moisturizers, shampoos, makeup – and as mentioned at the end of our list – even sunscreen contains these toxins.

Do you remember learning about chemicals in foods? I was taught, “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t consume it.” If the same rules apply, we wouldn’t consume foods with these chemicals, so why would we put them on our skin?

The chemicals have a long list of potential side effects, some being skin irritation, damage to the immune system or even cancer. This in mind, it’s increasingly more important and – in my opinion, much cooler – to know that Sanz is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but completely non-toxic.

SANZ is a central Florida product. The company is headquartered here on the Space Coast, and its products are created in an FDA-certified facility in Orlando. According to the Sanz website, the company’s senior chemist has “30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry with a specialty in natural formulations.” Before understanding that a) there were toxic chemicals hiding in my beauty products and b) these chemicals could have such harmful effects, this tidbit just seemed interesting. Now I understand how important it is to have someone with this experience at the helm.

I’m sure it’s safe to assume many of us buy beauty products because we want to look and feel beautiful in our own skin. When buying products from companies like SANZ, not only will we look and feel beautiful, but we will also feel at peace knowing we aren’t doing any damage or harm to our bodies. And, less stress leads to happier skin. By removing toxic chemicals from our shelves, we remove toxicity from our bodies.

We all want to be beautiful in our own skin, but it’s important that we don’t put our bodies through unnecessary harm to do so. With companies like Sanz, we can look and feel our best from the inside out.

Sara Santora
Managing Editor at SpaceCoast Magazines | Website

As a Space Coast native, Sara enjoys using her love of writing to speak directly to the community that raised her. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in English, and has written for a variety of magazines; however, her love for publishing and writing developed as a young girl, when she received her first copy of Teen Vogue. When she isn't writing or at work, she is traveling around the state with friends, visiting coffee shops, going to live shows and brushing up on her photography skills. Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.