From angiography to X-ray, MRI and digital mammography – Wuesthoff Health System offers a full range of technologically advanced imaging services to provide patients with high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services at both Melbourne and Rockledge campuses.
Both facilities at Wuesthoff Health System offer state-of-the-art digital imaging technology for mammograms. Digital technology allows radiologists to zoom in on particular areas or change brightness and contrast for even greater visibility.  It reduces radiation exposure, improves accuracy and results can be read immediately.
Ultrasound can be used to discover abnormalities in organs, and detect narrowed arteries, clotted veins, or growths such as tumors and cysts.

Wuesthoff has recently further advanced technologies with a $3.5 million upgrade for the CT and MRI capabilities at Wuesthoff Medical Center-Melbourne. With leading-edge CT technology, the Philips Ingenuity 64 Slice CT Scanner can capture images of a beating heart in five heartbeats, an organ in one second, and perform a whole body scan in 10 seconds. This technology results in less radiation exposure for patients and can be used to examine a wider range of conditions.

“We have full service diagnostic capabilities and some of our staff have been here since we opened our doors more than 10 years ago,” said Wuesthoff Melbourne Director of Diagnostic Imaging Richard Egan. “We are a close-knit family.”

Drs. Robert Kennedy and Brian Dunfee

Drs. Robert Kennedy and Brian Dunfee

With the arrival of the most recent diagnostic technology, Wuesthoff Medical Center – Melbourne also welcomed
Drs. Brian Dunfee* and Robert Kennedy* to its medical staff.  Drs. Dunfee and Kennedy are interventional radiologists who use minimally invasive techniques to treat a variety of conditions from blood clots to liver cancer.
Drs. Dunfee and Kennedy are fellowship trained and board certified. Dr. Dunfee is a diplomate of the American Board of Radiology and has been since 2007. He is dual board certified in vascular and interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology. Dr. Kennedy has been a diplomate of the American Board of Radiology since 2004 and is also dual board certified in vascular and interventional radiology and diagnostic radiology. The two physicians have worked together for six years.
Minimally invasive interventional radiology techniques include radioembolization which is a procedure that combines embolization and radiation therapy to treat liver cancer.

“We perform radioembolization which is available only at Wuesthoff Medical Center – Melbourne,” said Dr. Kennedy.
“This brand new equipment allows us better access to find tumors earlier,” continued Dr. Dunfee.

Another procedure exclusive to Wuesthoff Melbourne is Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt or TIPS, a procedure that uses imaging guidance to connect the portal vein to the hepatic vein in the liver, the procedure is used to treat the complications of portal hypertension.


Wuesthoff Health System offers innovative diagnostic procedures using the Philips Ingenuity 64 Slice CT Scanner in Melbourne and two 64 slice CT scanners in Rockledge. These machines provide procedures including:
■    5-Beat Cardiac™ – In Melbourne, doctors can capture images of the heart and coronary arteries in just five heartbeats. The quicker exam time and shorter breath hold offers a more comfortable experience for sick or elderly patients.
■    Triple RuleOut™ – In Melbourne, three primary causes of mortality in patients with chest pain are aortic dissection, pulmonary embolism and coronary artery disease. At Wuesthoff Melbourne, doctors can use this single, quick scan to help diagnose chest pain.
■    Stroke WorkUp – Both Rockledge and Melbourne, when treatment is delivered within the first hour after a stroke, it can provide the best possible outcome for the patient. CT scanning capabilities provide the necessary resolution required for rapid imaging of blood vessels in the brain, so doctors can begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Wuesthoff understands the anxiety that comes from waiting for results and they make every effort  to schedule patients quickly and perform the needed procedure within days. These quick responses, leading-edge procedures and technologies allow physicians the opportunity to diagnose and treat conditions faster, resulting in better outcomes for patients. Along with the latest in technology, the imaging and radiology services teams provide exceptional care, working with physicians to deliver comprehensive treatment. Wuesthoff Health System is comprised of Wuesthoff Medical Center-Rockledge and Wuesthoff Medical Center-Melbourne, both full service acute care hospitals and a full complement of health service affiliates.  Both locations are certified by the American College of Radiology (Mammography, MRI and Ultrasound). For more information, visit Wuesthoff.com
*Independent members of the medical staff at Wuesthoff Medical Center – Melbourne