Summertime is the right time to lounge by the pool, at the beach or in your home and catch up on some reading. Toss ‘em in your beach bag or download to your device of choice. Here are our picks for the season

“Mercury in Retrograde” by Paula Froelich

Three professional women living in New York City navigate the trials and tribulations of career problems, relationships, and the expectations of high society, while re-inventing their lives in meaningful and often surprising ways. As deputy editor of The New York Post’s Page Six section, author Paula Froelich has a witty bird’s eye view of the Manhattan working woman.






“The Late, Lamented Molly Marx” by Sally Koslow

Newly arrived in the hereafter, Molly, 35 years old, is delighted to discover that she can still keep tabs on those she left behind. As Molly looks on, her loved ones try to discern whether her death was an accident, suicide, or murder. A thought-provoking novel that is part mystery, part love story.






“Steal the Menu: A Memoir of Forty Years in Food” by Raymond Sokolov

When Raymond Sokolov became food editor of The New York Times in 1971, he began a long, memorable career as restaurant critic, food historian, and author. Here he traces the food scene he reported on in America and abroad. The author takes readers through the most transformative period in the history of cuisine with this personal narrative of the sensual education of an accidental gourmet.



“Transatlantic” by Colum McCann

Newfoundland, 1919. Two aviators, Jack Alcock and Arthur Brown, set course for Ireland as they attempt the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic Ocean, placing their trust in a modified bomber to heal the wounds of the Great War. A novel that spans continents, leaps centuries, and unites a cast of characters, both real and imagined.





“Z A novel of Zelda Fitzgerald” by Therese Anne Folwer

This book is the next phase in “The Great Gatsby” craze after the movie’s May release. This fictionalized account of author F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife chronicles Zelda’s life from her Alabama upbringing to the death of her husband in 1940.



“Freud’s Mistress”  by Karen Mack and Jennifer Kaufman

A historical novel that introduces and explores Sigmund Freud’s intimate and scandalous love life, inspired by the true-life love affair between Sigmund Freud and his sister-in-law. “If you liked “Loving Frank” and “The Paris Wife,” you’ll love “Freud’s Mistress!”” – Katie Couric.