They’re sexy! They’re sensational! And they’re all single.

Meet some of the Space Coast’s most accomplished singles and see some the season’s most fabulous cars.


Tony Southeilan, JR., 28
Recruiter for Superior Technical Resources

Tony says one of the most rewarding aspects of his work has been helping people during these challenging economic times. “These days people are trying to maintain their families and build their businesses. I like being able to help them. And, after you’ve helped them, having them express joy at something you’ve enjoyed doing is just great.” Tony graduated form Satellite High School and UCF and says he would like to meet someone who is “friendly, trustworthy and outgoing. They also have to be family oriented. I want to have kids one day and am very close to my immediate and extended families. I consider my friends to be my extended family because we all look after each other and watch each other’s backs.”






Summer Mack, 30
Business Development Director, Select Physical Therapy

It’s no surprise that Summer lists water sports among her favorite activities. After all, She attended the University of North Carolina on a full swimming scholarship and attending the 2000 Olympic trials. Coming from a family of accomplished athletes, “I’m also into camping, hiking and surfing,” she says, “I’m not a girly girl.” Any potential partner must be “active and physically fit. I look for someone with a nice smile and a good sense of humor. And since I’m pushing 6 feet in heels, I need a tall dude.” Personality-wise “I’ve had a lot of life experience so I think I’m an interesting person. I’m outgoing, fun and easy to hang out with.”







Janie Collins, 35

A diagnosis of breast cancer through ultrasound inspired Janie Collins to go back to school to study ultrasound technology. “My mammogram was perfect. The ultrasound is what found my cancer. I want to be able to help other cancer patients. They need to know they can get through this, they just have to stay strong.” A divorced mother of two who is now cancer free, Janie was diagnosed two and half years ago, shortly after the birth of her daughter. “I know now how amazing life really is, you should never take anything for granted. I’m a much stronger person now, I can pretty much handle anything.”







Kane Killion, 35
Civil Service at Patrick Air Force Base

Kane Killion says one of his major accomplishments has been to raise his son to be “a good person.” This single father of one admits that’s not always an easy task, “he can be a handful.” But the rewards of parenting 7 year old Chase are apparent “when you come home at the end of the day and he gives you a big hug and says I love you Dad, no matter what has happened that day-everything bad just goes away.” A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Kane says he’s looking for a partner with a sense of humor, who is “bubbly, physically fit and low maintenance.”







Samir Patel, 26
General Manager, Holiday Inn-Viera

Samir considers himself to be “a pretty self motivated” individual. “I know what I want. Mostly I want to be successful when it comes to my career.” Active in several organizations, Samir says his involvement “is fun for me. I really enjoy getting involved in the community and helping others. Sometimes my biggest problem is saying no to people.” A graduate of Merritt Island High School and UCF, Samir enjoys going out with friends and rooting for the Miami Dolphins. He’s looking for a “person with morals who is motivated and well-rounded.”






Karla-Mae Goodman, 28
Personal Assistant to Chief Operating Officer/General Manager of Viera Realty

Born and raised in Barbados, Karla-Mae moved to Brevard County ten years ago and received her Master’s Degree in Business from Florida Metropolitan University. She says her perfect partner is “someone who values faith, family and friends. A sense of humor is a must and tall and hot wouldn’t hurt a bit.” Karla-Mae’s accomplishments include representing Barbados in a Model Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C. and “surviving the real estate industry. I still love my job.” Spending time with her nine-year-old niece has taught her a variety of life lessons including the fact that “a genuine smile goes a long way.”







Nicole Mazade, 24
Interior Designer

A graduate of Melbourne Central Catholic High School with a degree in Interior Design from Florida State University, Nicole never realized her sense of adventure until she quit her job last year and traveled throughout Europe for four months on her own. With the help of she says “This came at a time in my life when I wasn’t afraid of anything. It was a trip I’d always wanted to take, ever since I was a child.” When it comes to the perfect partner Nicole is looking for someone who “believes in true love. I’ve always been interested in the ‘undercover hottie’ type, guys who might have a little nerd in them.”






Tammy Maté, 48
Patient Care Consultant for Dr. Ross Clevens

Tammy is celebrating her newfound freedom as an “empty nester”. With her daughter away at college and her son married and expecting her first grandchild (”although I’m too young to be a grandmother-their son can call me ‘Mamay”-not grandma”), Tammy enjoys activities like rollerblading and singing. “Singing is something I’ve done all my life. I sang the national anthem (a capella) at a Sand Diego Gulls hockey game and it was one of my proudest accomplishments. To know it’s just you out there in front of thousands of people. It was nerve racking but extremely rewarding.” She considers herself “very down to earth, understanding and loyal” and says her perfect partner is someone who “loves doing things together and understands me.”






Jeff Thummel. 44
State Farm Agent, Palm Bay

Jeff moved to Brevard County eight years ago and enjoys all the outdoors activities associated with the climate: fishing, boating, “anything outdoors I can do with my kids.” The father of a fifteen-year-old boy (“sometimes just trying to get him out of bed by noon can be a challenge, but overall he makes me so proud’) and a ten-year girl (“my little sweetheart, she’s Daddy’s little princess), Jeff says “I love spending time with my kids.” Characteristics that describe Jeff’s perfect partner include “being a little shy but easy to talk to, laid back-the cute ‘girl next door’ type.”






Kristy Yanelli, 32
Marketing director, Coastline Imaging

Kristy says her most attractive traits include her ability to laugh. “I can make a good time out of every situation.” As a single mother of a ten year old girl she says that comes in handy “parenthood is definitely an eye-opening experience, but it sure is a lot of fun.” Kristy graduated from Eau Gallie High School and UCF and loves boating, the outdoors and traveling. “We just grab our passports and go,” she says “I want to see everything.” She’s looking for a partner who is “family oriented, trustworthy, successful, with good eyes and a nice smile.”