StyleBy Jenny Norman

For Mother’s Day, we not only think about what would be the best gift to honor our moms with, it’s a wonderful time to reminisce about the way they’ve loved, cared and sacrificed for us throughout the years. Remembering our childhood and thinking about the delicious meals they’ve cooked, their encouraging words through tough times and the strength they’ve equipped us with to be strong women is so special. Looking back at old pictures of our mothers and grandmothers solidifies these memories and gives us a peek into their lives before they had children; it’s so fun to see their styles throughout the decades.

 I’d always ask my mom and grandmother about their clothes and hair styles; fashion was something we bonded over. They were my first introduction into the world of fashion; I thought they were so beautiful and I wanted to be just like them. I was so captivated by my grandmother’s beautiful shoes at an early age. One particular pair is ingrained in my mind. I can envision admiring the high heels now, the supple taupe patent leather  adorned with a delicate golden chain t-strap; I was in love. I can never forget playing with her Mary Kay makeup as a child. I vividly remember the small pink compacts, one had bright red lipstick and the other had eye shadow; my favorite shade was the baby blue. When I think of my father’s mother, I remember her beauty tips and how she stressed the importance of applying facial cream to avoid wrinkles.  

Then there are memories of my mom in her beautiful winter coats. My favorite was her long, plush, black coat with the fur collar and bottom trim. Just recently I bought a pretty pair of golden bow earrings; somehow they seemed so familiar to me. The memory of seeing my mom’s perfume bottles on her dresser came back to me.  She used to wear Youth Dew by Estée Lauder; the one with the bottle that resembles a woman’s waist wearing a golden bow. Now I could “tie” the connection with my earrings. It’s so neat the way the simplest of details take us back to sweet memories of our moms and grandmothers. What they wore, the scent of their perfumes, the fashion advice they gave us.  What memories do you have of your mother and grandmothers growing up?  How did their style influence you?  What was the best fashion advice they gave you? ◆  

Jenny Norman is a freelance personal and fashion stylist on the Space Coast.  After working for a Boston designer styling brides for their most important day and helping friends update their wardrobe, Jenny was inspired to style men, women and children in Central Florida.  Visit Tadea Styles on Facebook and Instagram and for more information, contact
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