Rehydrate, Reinvigorate and Refresh the Skin You are In.

By Steven Hicks

We have seen interest in the advertisements from SANZ in SpaceCoast Living over the past few months, and thought we would introduce them to our readers. According to President Lisa Nicarry, “SANZ specializes in simplicity.” Nicarry added, “We know that life gets messy, and we take pride in keeping things clean with our affordable, all-natural skin care products.” And while that sounds very much like ad text, there is a real effort at SANZ to provide premium products that still sell for less than department store or over-the-counter brands.

In the beginning…

Nicarry told us, “Organics have always been important to me; I knew that had to be a road I’d travel. I loved using organic products and saw the differences in myself and others. I also saw how much people craved organics. That just reinforced my decision. There were stumbling blocks, there were roadblocks, dead ends, trying to find the right people to help bring SANZ into existence. It took a good bit of investigative work before I found the proper people. SANZ products had to be something in which people could truly have faith. They needed to know that sincere thought and caring had gone into the products they were choosing, and that their health would improve from the use of any SANZ product.”

Nicarry says, “Anything you put on your body can be absorbed through your skin, into your bloodstream, in under a minute. Good or bad. Chemicals or antioxidants. Our driving theme at SANZ is, ‘Let us put more good into our bodies to help us fight the bad that we may not have control over.’”

The true economy.

“Right now, in all SANZ products, the first ingredient is organic aloe vera gel. When you look at the ingredients list on 90 to 95% of the products available, whether they are seemingly good, natural products, or they are some of the bargain offerings, that first ingredient is usually water. Water can actually dry your skin. To keep costs down, less expensive products have the most water.

It might seem like it is economical to use, but if you must use it repeatedly because you are not seeing results, and you keep drying out, how often are you going through a bottle of that lotion? That is false economy.” Nicarry says the comparable SANZ lotion begins with organic aloe vera gel, adds rose hips and other organic ingredients, and you will likely only need to use that product once or twice a day, in the morning and at night. When that product is also less expensive than most, that is the true economy. “The same scenario exists with our shampoo and conditioner. When you only need a small amount to get a tremendous result, and do it at a great price, that is real value. You do not need to buy them
as often.”

Another SANZ discovery is that through using natural products, or good organic products, or organically derived products, they did not have to have to create a specific formula for dry skin, and then another formula for oily skin. Or for young skin, and then old skin. “When your body is getting the correct ingredients, it will balance itself out. That means our facial cleanser, for example, is for everyone. It works well for teenagers that have an acne problem, and it works just as well for people with 55+ skin. Many astringent acne products dry the skin out. Yes, they dry out the acne, but then the skin starts creating more oil. You end up with the same problem,” Nicarry added.

SANZ shampoo is another great example of a thoughtful product. “Look at all the sulfates in shampoo. That is why you get suds. Everyone has been sold on suds to be clean,” says Nicarry. “But if you look up studies on sulfites, you will see they can lead to thinning hair. Many women think that a hormonal imbalance is causing their hair to thin, when it could be caused in part by the sulfates in their hair products. SANZ shampoo is sulfite and
paraben free.

Aloe, aloe, aloe.

Most people already know how healing aloe vera is. We have all used it on burns, for wounds and as lip balm. SANZ uses a premium version of that ingredient derived more from the center of the leaves. Nicarry adds, “We do not just use the outsides of the plant, which is very fibrous. We are using the interior of the plant, where its concentrated healing properties are. Some companies proclaim the benefits of aloe vera, but are only doing it as a nod and using more of the cheaper exterior parts of the plant.” And that bright blue or green color? “That is just coloring, and there is probably very little quality aloe vera in that product. Natural aloe vera gel is clear.”

SANZ products are all-natural and organic, made from the earth, just like you. Even SANZ packaging is recyclable. SANZ products are available online at Follow SANZ on Facebook at “Sanz Healthy Living.”