A New Year….A New You!, You Only Better!, Out With the Old…In With the New!   We have heard it all before.  Isn’t it time for a real and lasting change?


The average New Year’s Resolution lasts a mere 17 days.  We spend more time actually thinking about starting the resolution than we do actually on the resolution itself.  Doesn’t quite seem worth it, does it?  We hem and haw over the holiday season about what to eat vs. what not to eat. We find ourselves so busy with work, or shopping, or catching up with family and friends that we lose focus of taking care of ourselves.  Exercise certainly is not on the minds of most people that I know during the season.  The excuses we make for not exercising during this time can range anywhere from “I don’t have the time,” to “once I get that treadmill I have been hoping for I will start working out,” or “I’ll start exercising January 1st   anyway, so why start now?”


Let’s be honest – no matter how you look at it – an excuse is an excuse!  If it is difficult for you to find time to start an exercise program in the middle of June, then why would you think it would be any easier to start a program that you can stick to on January 1st?  A healthy lifestyle takes more than 17 days to get into, and after all, it’s a lifestyle, not a 2 week plan of attack that will finally work after numerous failed attempts.  A good quality of health is worth it… for your entire life!


You don’t need to join a gym, hire a personal trainer or buy expensive equipment in order to exercise.  All of these things can be intimidating and painful not just on the body, but the wallet as well.  Deciding to exercise and creating the habit is your first step.  Once you have reached the point where you are exercising on a regular basis (3-5 times per week for several weeks) and making changes in your diet that are sustainable, you should move on to the next step.



So, no more gimmicks, no more quick fixes, no more New Year’s resolutions that will be short lived.  Instead, hard work, consistency and accountability are what you need to get and keep the results that you are looking for. Start moving today.  Your health and life depend on it.