You have a dilemma: Your bathroom and kitchen look tired, dated and desperately in need of a refresh. Sure, you could take out the old units and replace them with new ones, but that renovation process will eat up your valuable time and money. Mark Shields, owner of Central Coast Refinishing, offers a simpler solution: don’t renovate, refinish. With more than 20 years of jobs well done, Central Coast Refinishing is Central Florida’s top provider of refinishing and reglazing services.

Shields is no rookie to the refinishing craft. He first created Central Coast Refinishing in 1997 while living in Orange County, California. At the beginning, the company refinished surfaces for residential clients, but as they gained experience and word of their good work spread, Central Coast Refinishing started to take on commercial and military projects. When Shields moved to Hawaii with his wife in 2004, he brought the company’s prime refinishing services with him. Several years later, he relocated to Florida. It was then that the vice president of operations at his former Hawaii company called and passed the company back to Shields. The rest is history.

According to Shields, refinishing a surface is a more practical solution than replacing the appliance. For one thing, refinishing is a one-day process, whereas a renovation may take up to several months. Additionally, instead of using paint that can peel away or contain carcinogens, Central Coast Refinishing uses materials that are strong, durable and non-toxic. Shields assures that, all in all, refinishing a fixture will cost you 70% less than replacing it.



As if over two decades of professional refinishing experience isn’t enough, Central Coast Refinishing is proud to be a certified dealer of Kott Koatings, which are glazes specially formulated by Kott Enterprises for durability and ease of cleaning. Since it was founded in 1954, Kott Enterprises has become known across the world as the largest porcelain refinishing company. “They’re considered the original bathroom refinishers,” Shields said. “I’ve had people say, ‘Oh, are you a Kott Koatings dealer? Then we’ll talk to you.’” He notices that clients are consistently pleased when they get Kott Koatings glazes in their homes.

Central Coast Refinishing uses high-quality materials such as porcelain, fiberglass and cast iron to resurface bathtubs, showers, countertops and more. Resurfacing services can fix chips, cracks, discoloration, scratches, deterioration and other effects of wear. For a testament to the quality of the company’s work, look no further than its many years of success.

“Our experience and the materials we use outshines the competition,” Shields says.

Heather Motro
Contributor at SpaceCoast LIVING | Website

In addition to writing and serving as Assistant Managing Editor for Space Coast Magazines, Heather Motro writes the sustainability blog The Blergh, manages social media for the Marine Resources Council and was co-Editor-in-Chief of Holy Trinity High School’s award-winning yearbook, The Tigrium. She is a member of Clemson University Honors College Class of ’24 (go Tigers!).