For many Space Coast residents Amici’s, a popular Italian restaurant located off of Wickham Road in Suntree, is a familiar neighborhood locale. However, what they might not be aware of is that the owner, Dave Dashi, owns not only Amici’s, but the establishments next door, including Amici’s Bakery, Chef’s Table and now, The Wine Cellar.

“The Wine Cellar is essentially a hybrid between a wine shop and a wine bar,” said manager, Jillian Jeffrey. “Everything is priced at a retail markup, and there is no corkage fee for you to enjoy wine with us.”

This elegant yet inviting wine bar is home to around 1,000 labels. Though upscale in appearance, manager Jillian Jeffrey assures that there is a bottle for every budget, from around $14 upwards to $1,500.

“The store is laid out by price point, so we want you to find your price tag, then search within that to find something for you.” The store’s selection is divided in half, one half being $30 and under, the other half above.

Though each restaurant is owned and operated by Dashi, they all have their own unique personality, purpose and atmosphere. For example, as The Wine Cellar functions as a wine bar, there is no full menu. However, they do offer meat and cheese boards, as well as a dessert board. So, once you’ve finished your meal at Amici’s or Chef’s Table, you can wander into the wine bar and enjoy wine and dessert. Or, you can start your evening with a meat and cheese board before enjoying a large pasta dish or steak. Either way, you have everything you could want for an evening out within walking distance.

Though you cannot bring food into the Wine Cellar, you are able to order wine to your table in one of his other restaurants. Keep in mind that although there is no corkage fee within The Wine Cellar itself, there is a reduced, $10 corkage fee to open the bottle to enjoy with your meal at Amici’s or Chef’s Table. Both of these restaurants boast their own wine menu, they also understand that you might be feeling more adventurous and want to try something new.


Amici’s opened in 2007 and since then, its success has allowed for a more-than-modest expansion with no intention of slowing down. For your next evening out, consider going to The Wine Cellar for great wine, and an even greater experience.

Sara Santora
Managing Editor at SpaceCoast Magazines | Website

As a Space Coast native, Sara enjoys using her love of writing to speak directly to the community that raised her. She graduated from Florida State University with a B.A. in English, and has written for a variety of magazines; however, her love for publishing and writing developed as a young girl, when she received her first copy of Teen Vogue. When she isn't writing or at work, she is traveling around the state with friends, visiting coffee shops, going to live shows and brushing up on her photography skills. Follow her on Instagram or connect with her on LinkedIn.