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One of the more enjoyable aspects of my work here at SpaceCoast Living has to be the restaurant reviews. My family loves to eat out, so I try to make family outings of these reviews. But what happens when this writer is out with friends and says he’s reviewing Frog Bones? That table for four that manager Wayne Torpy so nicely reserved for me became a party of 20. Everyone had either heard of the place or had already been and couldn’t wait to go again.

A couple of details: if you have any kind of alcoholic beverage with your meal, you are not allowed in the shooting range area. Period. No exceptions. This isn’t shooting targets with a burger in one hand and a Sig Sauer in the other. These are two distinct activities. You eat, you go shoot. Or you shoot, you go eat. Some go just to eat, some go just to shoot, or shop. More on that later. The division here is Frog Bones is a “Family Shooting Center” and the restaurant is the “Double Tapp Bar and Grill.” The only guns allowed on the restaurant side are those of the guests and they must be cased.

First the food. This is a place for a broad range of comfort foods. Wings, burgers and meat loaf. There are also wraps, salads, pizzas, ribs and sandwiches. And yes, frog legs. There are a half-dozen or so full-on dinners on the menu as well, mostly expanded versions of the smaller sandwiches or baskets, apart from the 12-ounce New York strip. With so many people in tow, I saw a good representation of the entire menu, and didn’t hear a single complaint. I’m a sucker for a good meat loaf and can tell you that alone was worth the trip. My youngest son, 11, enjoyed dinner from their “Small Caliber Menu.”

We started with the cheese curds and fried gator tail (with “gator goop” dipping sauce), and then ordered a variety of salads, burgers, meat loaf and wings. To a person, we were pleased. Our servers were excellent and attentive, and the food was freshly made and delivered quickly. The restaurant side was bright (but not too) and spotless. There is a bar also, but they’ve balanced the presentation perfectly. You feel neither like you’re in a bar with a seating area, or in a restaurant with a bar stuck in the corner. If you wanted to enjoy a cold beer after your range time, it certainly was an inviting proposition. When I asked for a dish to be prepared for the cover photo of this article, we needed to take the food to the range side for the photo. They would appropriately not bring the gun to the restaurant side. I appreciate that kind of attention to detail. The combining of these two concepts (a restaurant and a shooting range) has been extraordinarily well-thought out and implemented. As one who raised a questioning eyebrow when I heard the local news about the owners applying for permits for such a place, I now see and agree with what they’d wanted to build, and celebrate its place in our community.

Now on to FrogBones Family Shooting Center. I do not own a gun, though I am not averse to having one. In years past, I have owned shotguns and hunted infrequently. Many of those in our family’s circle of friends do own guns. Some are law enforcement officers, some have a history in security operations, some just collect. In other words, we’re a typical Florida family. Two of the families who joined us brought their own guns, and we enjoyed learning from them as we shot their pistols, but you can rent a variety of guns at the range. The process is fast and simple. You fill out the necessary forms, show ID, grab eye and ear protection, rent a gun of your choosing, and buy ammunition and targets. You purchase a booth rental in the range, and you can share it with three other people. There are yearly memberships as well, and a few of those with me this night left seriously considering that option, which is not an expensive proposition in any construct.

Obviously, with bringing in a party of 20, the range was busy. It occurred to me while we were getting ready that not 

once did we hear gunfire in the restaurant area. When you walk the hallway from restaurant to range, you enter the most amazing gun shop and hunting store with clothing, archery supplies, and gun supplies all presented in spectacular fashion. High ceilings like a lodge with exposed beams, where trophy heads abound, and all very well done. If you remember the first time you walked into Bass Pro Shop or Cabela’s, you’d be on point. It is that nice. To the rear of that area, past the range, is the actual gun shop. Again, well-appointed and very well stocked. There is an air of quality in every aspect of the presentation of the restaurant, range and gun shop. The staff is bright, engaging and very well-versed.

By now you can tell that this is more than a restaurant review. This is the review of the entire experience, and one I’d recommend highly. If you don’t own a gun and never plan to, after your lunch or dinner you can satisfy a certain curiosity across the hall. Rifle or pistol, the staff can walk you through your first experience. If you’re attracted to the precision of target shooting, but not into hunting, you’re in good company here. There are very specialized guns for a variety of activities, as there are tools in any hobby, and there are experts here to guide you in any direction. If nothing else, it is a fascinating collection to see.

Lastly, if you have any trepidation about the concept, I’d suggest going by for a light lunch. Afterward, walk over to the range side and look around — that’s free. I’m betting you’ll be impressed by the atmosphere and professionalism, and maybe, just maybe find yourself wanting to do more.