Wendy Hale from Intercoastal Pool and Spa explains the advantages and topics to consider when planning a pool design and making your dream pool a reality.

“The largest advantage is the easiest one: the homeowner now has their own backyard play area,” Wendy said. “It brings family and friends closer with entertaining — ‘Remember Bobby’s 5th birthday party…’ or ‘I so enjoyed our quiet moment by the pool the other night.’ It’s also a way for families
to come together for healthy exercising. Another advantage is property values increase and entices future potential buyers.”

So where to begin? There are many factors that have to be determined in the planning stage. The most critical one is will a pool fit in the yard? Will there be any easements, encroachments, utilities and local codes that have to be considered before installing a pool?

“The most important thing we tell all of our potential buyers is to have a copy of their survey with them at the initial meeting with the pool designer,” she explained. “This information is usually listed and the designer will be able to notate this in the preliminary stages.”

The next topic is setting up a budget, contacting your financial institution to see what options are available and how much is allotted for this endeavor.

“The homeowners usually have already started to formulate their vision, dreams, entertainment factors and ideas of what they are looking for to express them to the pool designer.”

It is important that the owners’ personalities are represented in each factor of designing.

A homeowner can choose any and/or all of these options, based on their personal lifestyles; from water features to glow in the dark tiles, the possibilities are endless!