Show your devotion to your canine, feline, evening equine companion with dazzling silver and crystal bracelets

Jewelry designer Gina Hawkins of Melbourne combines Swarovski crystals and sterling silver charms allowing pet lovers to wear their heart on their wrists.

You can build your own bracelet or choose from one of Gina’s ready-made creations at

Dog Charm Bracelet

Mocha, Topaz and Smoked Topaz Swarovski crystal beads with sterling silver “dawg” bowl, I Heart Dogs, dog figure and dog bone charms, $69

Pet Charm Bracelet

Sapphire, Aquamarine and Capri Blue Swarovski crystals with sterling silver beads and paw charm, $44

Horse Charm Bracelet

Clear Swarovski crystal beads with sterling silver horseshoe, cowboy hat, running horse, saddle and cowboy boot, $69