There are many reasons diamonds are called a girl’s best friend. Diamonds symbolize eternal love and faithfulness, and often the beginning of a life together for a young couple.

But from the well-known “Four C’s” to the price tag, there’s more to selecting a perfect jewel than what can be found on paper. Jon Miller, owner of Jon’s Fine Jewelry in Historic Cocoa Village, knows that well after 30 years of experience in the jewelry business.

That’s why in the search for the perfect stones, Jon travels over 10,000 miles twice a year to Antwerp, Belgium to hand select diamonds for discerning customers. This elite service provides customers with confidence in knowing that his experience and attention to every detail go into hand selecting the best diamond for the greatest value.

In the diamond business, the city of Antwerp is to the global diamond trade what New York is to money markets. Antwerp serves as the headquarters for about 1,500 diamond firms, the largest concentration in the industry. Diamonds arrive in Antwerp from South Africa, Australia, Russia and India. Some 85% of the world’s rough diamonds, 50% of the cut diamonds and 40% of industrial diamonds pass through the four block diamond district — appropriately called the diamond capital of the world.

Though most jewelers do not have access to the Antwerp diamond dealers, as a member of the Independent Jewelers Organization, Jon’s Fine Jewelry is allowed access into dealers’ offices to cherry pick jewels for clients. The difference is in inventory. Jewelers have their choice of hundreds of diamonds, rather than a few. Jewelers also get to see them before other diamond dealers get “first dibs.”

Sometimes the search for a customer’s perfect diamond could last all day, traveling from office to office. During their visits brokers also take the opportunity to show off unique and specialty cut jewels. Two memorable items that could not be passed up were a bat shaped diamond, which Jon crafted into a ring and butterfly shaped stones, which were made into a pair of earrings.

“It is such a nice story to tell someone that a diamond was hand picked just for you,” Scherri Gollehon, manager says.

The process begins before Jon even leaves the country, when customers come in to the store to discuss the type of diamond they would like and plan a budget. Any size, shape, color, unusual cuts or matching pairs can be found.

“It is so special because customers are trusting you to find the absolute perfect diamond,” Scherri says.

Purchasing a diamond from Antwerp that is hand-picked just for you is a special and unique experience. If you’re looking for just the right jewel, a stunning diamond hand- selected from thousands, Jon’s Fine Jewelry can accommodate any request during their next diamond buying trip in October.

Buying a Diamond?
Dates of trip: October 5-11, 2013
Pre-orders must be made by: Midnight on Friday, October 4
*Jon’s offers financing to fit your needs.

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