From driveways to pool decks, patios to firepits, walkways to garden walls and every hardscape in between, pavers have the ability to elevate the curb appeal of your home.

Originally from Fort Lauderdale, David Dutra moved to Brevard County with his family as a teenager. His father, who launched Wagner Pavers in 1998 in Fort Lauderdale, was commissioned to install pavers at Kennedy Space Center — a project that would take months to complete. Instead of making the long drive back and forth from South Florida to the Cape, David’s father decided to move to the Space Coast. At 16, David joined his father at work and has been in the family business ever since.


No doubt, pavers stand out in their ability to help convey the style of a home. Traditional brick pavers, for example, can bring about a historic or rustic appearance. Travertine, meanwhile, can provide warmth or showcase an old-world European appeal.

As far as what’s hot right now, David says that when it comes to pool decks, travertine is surging in popularity. Homeowners with garden walls and pathways tend to lean favorably toward paver blocks for a more organic appearance. For driveways and walkways, options can range from clay or concrete pavers to brick.

“In more upscale homes, homeowners are requesting larger-style pavers with oftentimes a wave texture to them, because they stand out a bit more and have a more European look,” says Kathleen Griffa, office manager of Wagner Pavers.

“The thing with pavers is they make everything more custom,” adds David. “With pavers, you can customize from color to shape to pattern. You can change out the border or add a design. They’re very versatile in their application.”

The installation of pavers also may be a great option for homeowners who simply want to spruce up the appearance of their home, or extend their outdoor living area. “Fortunately for us, we live in Florida. And among back patios, alfresco fireplaces and firepits and summer kitchens, pavers offer a great way to extend outdoor living spaces,” says Kathleen.


In addition to simply enhancing the appearance of a home’s exterior, pavers boast other benefits. “First off, pavers are much more permeable than concrete,” explains David. “With concrete, when it settles, you can see cracks. With pavers, however, they’re individual pieces, so if there’s any settling to be done, all the pieces will settle together, which eliminates any cracking. The individual pieces are beneficial to areas of the home where there are water problems — they’re good for drainage. With pavers, the water will just percolate to the ground.”

For all projects, Wagner Pavers offers a free estimate and helps with design ideas to bring the homeowner’s vision
to life. From there, the homeowner can stop by Wagner Pavers’ office to view various selections and styles and decide what is right for him or her. Tremron and Belgard are the manufacturers that Wagner Pavers turns to most often for its installations, and all of the pavers installed by Wagner Pavers are procured throughout the state of Florida, with the exception of the company’s travertine, which is imported from Turkey.

“Most new construction homes are including pavers these days, so people are already starting to experience the advantages of pavers,” says David. “We’re looking forward to homeowners expanding their ideas to more areas of
the home.”

Wagner Pavers has installed pavers at many homes throughout the Suntree and Viera area, and works with many area homebuilders, including Christopher Burton Homes, Arthur Rutenberg Homes, AMEK Homes and more, as well as with area pool contractors, including Blue Marlin Pools, Intercoastal Pool and Spa and others. The company also is commissioned by commercial entities and individual homeowners on new construction and remodels.

Wagner Pavers in Rockledge is certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and Allan Block Retaining Walls. In addition to the design, sale and installation of pavers, the company also specializes in repairs and clean-and-seals to protect homeowners’ investment in pavers. For more information, call (321) 633-5131 or visit