Kate Gurecki, licensed holistic esthetician and owner of Blue Morpho Organic Skin Spa wants her business as a whole to be a source of truth and beauty. From acne to anti aging, Kate promises clients results using holistic treatments using only high quality certified organic products. Every product is handpicked by Kate and certified organic- nothing synthetic. Even the towels and sheets are certified organic cotton.

Through her own experience of trial and error, Kate discovered products that worked for her, found she loved researching ingredients and sources then wanted to share that information and knowledge with her clients and create customizes treatments that truly help heal.

“Each client gets a personalized treatment every time that should be their best facial ever,” Kate says.

What to expect from a holistic treatment:

  • Very thorough client evaluation including skin care routine, diet and lifestyle
  • Aromatherapy rituals
  • Lengthy massage
  • Living pure botanical, certified organic, high quality ingredients
  • Deep relaxation
  • Customized treatment for specific needs
  • Health and well being is the number 1 priority

What’s New?

  • Plant stem cells are performance-based naturoceuticals that repair skin and deliver results. They improve the appearance of skin, not just treat wrinkles.
  • Echinacea Angustifolia Stem Cell:  stimulates new collagen synthesis and inhibits collagenase the enzyme responsible for breaking down collagen and skin firmness.
  • Butterfly Bush Stem Cell: a native plant to Eastern Asia traditionally used for wound healing.  The stem cell demonstrates strong protection from photoaging as well as increased hydration (plumping.)
  • Acai: oil of this exotic Rain Forest berry is rich in essential fatty acids (Omega-6 and Omega-9), antioxidants, phytosterols, Vitamin C and polyphenols.  Promotes regeneration and skin suppleness.
  • Helichrysium:  A potent anti-inflammatory strengthens capillary walls and protects broken blood vessels.


The Plant stem cell facial “The Metamorphosis” is a high-performance facial that combines skin resurfacing glycolic power peel with a Plant Stem Cell Serum to stimulate new skin growth and slow cellular aging.

Kate’s Tips for beautiful skin:

  • Eliminate Dairy- including milk, cheese yogurt and ice cream- all can cause inflammation
  • Eat whole foods- foods that haven’t been processed, heated or broken down
  • Overwhelmed by all the information out there? Don’t over complicate it. Try eating one whole food meal a day.
  • Eat as many servings of greens as possible- parsley, kale, and collards all help metabolize fats in the body. They are clean, green machines that act as detoxifiers
  • Drink lots of fresh, purified water
  • Sweat- Speeds up skin renewal – jog, walk, yoga.
  • Treat yourself to facials- removes dead skin build up and clears pores

Blue Morpho Skin Spa


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