puzzleAt the time, Pamela Holz likely didn’t realize that her career as an adjustor and negotiator for an insurance company would become a useful piece of her son’s future healthcare and her own future. After Pamela’s son was diagnosed with autism in 2007, she needed more answers and services than what she was getting from her son’s physicians and school and realized a need for high quality early intervention in Brevard County for children with autism spectrum disorders. She went back to school to earn a degree in early childhood education and elementary education. Since her son’s diagnosis, she’s been dedicated to finding the answers for not only her son but other families with children on the autism spectrum as well.

“My mission is that the same treatment is available to all children,” Pamela said. “That’s where Puzzle Box comes in.”

She opened Puzzle Box Academy with her husband, James Holz, who is an attorney by trade. She developed the curriculum while he searched for funding for the program so they can now offer an affordable choice for parents of children with autism. Puzzle Box Academy provides comprehensive, individualized, science-based education for children with autism and other developmental delays. The school’s curriculum provides effective treatment and education programs to children and their families based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) along with speech and occupational therapy.

“You have a choice,” Pamela said. “Make sure you check into all options that fit your child.”

The child-to-staff ratio is no more than five-to-one; services are offered for children from age 5 to 12 years old though classes are set up by developmental abilities and not by age. Each child receives an individual curriculum. School is year-round and after care is included in the tuition. Parents are offered courses and additional training to support what students learn. Admission to Puzzle Box Academy is based on space available, careful consideration on a child’s development, the family’s philosophy and class dynamics.
Pamela’s son is now 10 years old, earning all A’s and B’s in the 4th grade. Pamela credits ABA for the success of her son.

“My son is the reason I’m doing what I’m doing,” said Pamela. “I believe everyone is given a purpose, mine is to show others there is hope.”





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