Parrish Orthopedics Providing Comprehensive Care

It’s estimated that more than 100 million Americans live with chronic pain, a persistent and oftentimes debilitating condition caused by back pain, joint pain, neck pain and severe headaches and migraines, among others. While not every case is curable, the orthopedic specialists at Parrish Medical Group are healing people every day.

A Healing Plan
Whether due to an injury or degenerative condition, treatment options vary based on a person’s medical history and his or her motivation for recovery. And while surgery may oftentimes be the best alternative, it is always recommended that you explore and discuss every treatment option with your family and physicians before deciding on a treatment plan.

“Many times, chronic pain and injuries can be treated with non-surgical procedures such as osteopathic manipulative treatment, injection therapy, bracing, or physical therapy,” explains Dr. Anthony Allotta, who specializes in sports medicine and (during the football season) can be seen on the sidelines as the team physician for Space Coast High School.

Whether helping a high school athlete with a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), a seasoned laborer with chronic back pain, or a retired senior hobbled by debilitating osteoarthritis, Parrish Medical Group Orthopedics uses a team approach to develop a custom healing plan to meet individual needs. This team approach is proven effective and, in part, the reason for Parrish Medical Group being certified by the National Center for Quality Assurance.

A Well-Rounded Team of Specialists
Based at the Parrish Healthcare Center, located on Port St. John Parkway, the Parrish Medical Group (PMG) Orthopedics’ team is comprised of:

  • Dr. Anthony J. Allotta, who is board-certified in family practice and fellowship-trained in sports medicine.
  • Dr. Jonathan Lubitz, a board-certified podiatrist trained in foot surgery.
  • Dr. E. Wayne Mosley, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon.
  • Dr. Daniela E. Rusovici, who is board-certified in neurology and fellowship-trained in clinical neurophysiology.

The recent addition of Dr. E. Wayne Mosley to the PMG team has renewed excitement for local patients and the physicians who refer their patients to specialists.

A decorated military veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Freedom and received the CFLCC Surgeon Award for Excellence, the Order of Military Medical Merit, and a Bronze Star, Mosley brings new specialties to Brevard and more options for people to stay close to home, near loved ones before, during and after treatment. These include anterior hip replacement, reverse shoulder surgery, pediatric orthopedic services and geriatric fracture repair.

Anterior hip replacement, for example, is a minimally invasive procedure in which smaller incisions are made with less trauma to the surrounding muscle tissue, resulting in less pain, speedier recovery and improved mobility. With Parrish being Brevard County’s only member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, PMG physicians can observe, consult and train with Mayo specialists on this and other procedures that provide greater healing experiences to local patients and their families.

“While more surgical procedures today are performed on an outpatient basis, most still frequently require post-surgical care such as physical rehabilitation,” says Mosley. “Whether we’re performing a total joint replacement or a less invasive arthroscopic procedure, our focus is on providing the best comprehensive care for our patients from pre-op to recovery.”

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Before undergoing surgery, consider these common treatments for managing pain:



(e.g. steroid, platelet-rich plasma, nerve blocks)

(e.g. anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants)


Musculoskeletal Conditions By the Numbers:

Diseases, disorders and injuries relating to bones, joints and muscles are the leading cause of disability and healthcare cost.

1 in 2 (127 million) adults are affected, twice the rate of chronic heart and lung conditions.
Annual cost for treatment and lost wages is $874 billion (5.7 percent GDP)

Most prevalent musculoskeletal conditions in the U.S.:

Arthritis and Related Conditions:

affects 52 million adults

Back and Neck Pain:

 affects 76 million adults


 4.5 million musculoskeletal sports injuries require medical attention each year


1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men over age 50 will have an osteoporosis-related fracture, with 20 percent mortality rate within 12 months of a hip fracture.