By Mallorie Ann Ingram

Let’s talk about laser hair removal. Ouch right? Not if you’re visiting Jeanne Whitman’s Achieve Beautiful Skin Medi-Spa in Viera. 

“We are the only ones in Brevard County with this type of treatment,” Whitman says. “It’s called Emvera DioLux Laser Hair Removal System, which means pain-free hair removal.” Think of it like an ice cube going across your skin. Over large areas, the laser can move quickly. With small areas, such as the face, the laser moves slowly.

“It’s very fast,” says Whitman. “I can do an entire body of hair removal in one hour.”  It takes 6-8 treatments every 6 weeks for the entire duration of the hair removal process. The Emvera DioLux is the fastest, most powerful laser for all skin types out there. Its chilled tip cooling system is what allows this process to be pain-free and reduces the risk of burning. 

Not only does Whitman go above and beyond by offering this type of treatment at her Medi-Spa but her office atmosphere also sets her apart. The moment you enter, you’re welcomed with an arrangement of stylish decor accompanied by a fresh, modern feel. 

“I have been in many practices that are so cold and uninviting,” says Whitman. “I love shabby-chic so I said when I opened my own Medi-Spa, I wanted people to feel comfortable and relaxed.”  From tufted chairs and a fireplace to crystal chandeliers hanging throughout the space, each room has a quaint bedroom/living room feel to make people feel comfortable and relaxed. ◆