Brevard Eye 

Throughout our lives, our world and experiences are captured through vision. As time goes on, however, the lens in which we see the world may become impaired. At Brevard Eye Center, there is a dedicated and experienced staff ready to repair vision problems afflicting patients, as well as maintain proper eye health.

By utilizing various medical techniques, Brevard Eye Center is on the cutting edge of eye care procedures on the Space Coast.  With 28 years of service, and a bright future, the 13 doctors at Brevard Eye Center are here to service Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay and Suntree.

LASIK options

LASIK is a common procedure to correct vision, and utilizes a laser to change the curvature of the cornea. By removing tissue within the cornea, the doctors can treat various types of astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness. The benefits to LASIK are paramount, as patients have noted a quicker recovery time and fewer side effects and complications than other methods.

However, the doctors at Brevard Eye are ready to do more than help someone live without a reliance on glasses or contacts, as they can assist with other corneal diseases, abrasions and deformities. By utilizing corneal topography, a computer-assisted diagnostic tool provides a three-dimensional map of the surface curvature of the cornea.  By getting an analysis through this method, doctors can get a grasp on the eye’s focusing power. From there, doctors can diagnose, monitor and treat eye ailments, as well as plan surgery, fit for contact lenses or laser vision treatments.

Cataracts and Glaucoma

Brevard Eye Center is the first in Central Florida to offer patients the CataLaze Refractive Suite, which features the ORA System by WaveTec Vision and the Verion Image Guided System and LenSx Laser by Alcon. Using technology that analyzes your eye during cataract surgery, the CataLaze system offers precision set up of a lens implant. The system is compatible with various cataract procedures, adding extra value to the system.

The center also offers solutions to those suffering from glaucoma, a painless clouding of the eye’s natural crystalline lens. In the early stages, there may be mild aching in the eyes; however, the damage can deteriorate to a gradual loss of peripheral vision, seeing halos around lights and reduced visual perception. There are several ways to treat the eye, including medicine in eye drop or pill form, as well as cataract surgery. The most common surgical procedure is removing the affected lens and replacing it with an artificial implant. The technology for cataract surgery has progressed, as patients no longer must wait until a cataract advances to a point before it is removed.

At Brevard Eye Center, their services don’t stop at LASIK and treatments for cataracts and glaucoma. They also offer refractive surgery, eye exams, contact lens fitting and retinal care. For the residents of Brevard County, the opportunity to have a clear vision once again is possible through Brevard Eye Center.