Solutions to successfully navigate change faced by the medical industry today

You might be surprised to learn that your latest visit to the doctor’s office or hospital was improved through health care information technology products. But with the tremendous amount of change facing health care organizations, that’s exactly what is happening thanks to ExecuSys’ IT solutions.

With over 20 years of experience developing IT solutions for federal contractors and health care providers, ExecuSys offers IT support, products, solutions and services that enable health care organizations to navigate the many changes facing the industry today.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida and founded in 1993, mainly working with federal agencies, ExecuSys is now leveraging their experience and expertise in the health care industry. With an outstanding reputation for being a solid teaming partner with unique capabilities and strong technical and managerial skills, ExecuSys has a knack for pleasing customers.

“Doctors groups, hospitals groups and individual providers can get their data from various systems. All knowledge workers would have this data integrated, all together and in graphical form,” said Jeff Sanders, VP and CIO.

Products like ExecuSys’ Quick Response for SharePoint are an accelerated development and implementation approach allowing health care providers to unlock the full potential of their computer systems and information.

Some benefits include:

  • Cost efficiencies through better work processes and performance
  • Improved decision making and reduced errors through immediate access to information
  • Eliminate time spent searching for documents and information
  • Maximize patient and customer satisfaction

SharePoint consultants offer a full spectrum of expert services including system planning, design, development, implementation, administration, training and support.

“What also differentiates ExecuSys is our Quick Response for the SharePoint model and the quick return on investment.”

ExecuSys’ flagship product — PERFORM for Healthcare, provides Accountable Care Organizations and other health care providers a solid framework for collecting, integrating, analyzing and reporting performance management information. Automated data capturing processes extract data from multiple systems including EHRs, EMRs, CMS-provided claims, labs, hospitals, pharmacies and other data sources for integration and storage.

The implementation of PERFORM in a SharePoint environment enables organizations to work in a collaborative manner as individuals share information and knowledge in an intuitive, easy and secure environment.

Capabilities include:

  • Dashboards that provide customizable key performance indicators
  • High quality graphical reports combine with ad-hoc query tools
  • A collaborative environment for communicating problems
  • Performance management analytic seamlessly integrates with other BI Analytics

All data efficiencies allow organizations to control data that will help with the outlay of costs and add up to a faster return on investment. Smaller organizations can get the same capabilities at a lower cost. The systems benefit patients too with access to records and allowing them to become a part of the collaboration with health care providers.

ExecuSys is the answer to all of your full-service information system needs. From implementation of government information systems to development of solutions for business intelligence for healthcare, their team of experts can provide the answers you’re looking for.

If you or your organization is not sure where to begin, ExecuSys offers consulting on various programs and systems. To learn more visit, call (800) 454-3081 or email