Each edition, we’d like to end by talking to someone pertinent to the month’s content, but in a more casual conversation that introduces you to some of the awesome people who call the Space Coast “home.”
This month, we talked to Kristine Palsis at her shop, Elda’s Bridal Boutique in Melbourne, the oldest bridal boutique in the area.

SCL: Let’s start with the obvious question, “What brought you to the bridal business?”
Kristine: My mother, Elda. She worked as a seamstress, finally opening her own shop in downtown Melbourne. She moved west on New Haven about a mile north of here a few years later. That was over 25 years ago, though I’ve only been here for 20.

SCL: So, you wanted to follow in your mother’s footsteps?
Kristine: Not at first! I was in banking when she asked me to join her. I wasn’t so sure about being together so much, so I tried part-time at the bank, and part-time here. It was hard at first, but I fell in love with it. Working with her was the best 14 years of my life. She passed in 2003, and I stayed in that location for another year before moving to this one. This is a smaller space, but much more personal.

SCL: You’re in such a traditional business, how has it changed since you started?
Kristine: Everything has changed! We are more centered around “Say ‘Yes!’ to the Dress!” now. Brides come with all their bridesmaids and make an event of picking out a dress. They’ve brought hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and even little signs for the bridesmaids to vote on the dresses they like. I love all of that, because it is fun for them, but my responsibility is still to the bride. The perfect dress speaks to the heart, you know when it is the right dress. Sometimes it comes with tears, sometimes with cheers and the pop of a champagne cork!

SCL: Has technology changed the bridal business?
Kristine: In some ways. Brides come in with photos on a tablet, or with posts they’ve seen on Pinterest. Brides seeing wedding ideas on the Internet has really raised the bar, but I’m here to help them exceed their expectations. The Internet has brought brides in from farther away than ever. I have brides from Orlando, Titusville, and Viera, but I’m also seeing a LOT of brides from Fort Pierce, Jensen Beach, and Fort Lauderdale! I’ll have the same dresses as shops down there, but for hundreds less. Even with technology, this is a very personal business… and I must confess, I still write all my brides’ orders on paper, and I still bring out the bride’s dress and hand it to her with a hug.

SCL: Speaking of bringing out a dress, what’s the oddest dress you’ve delivered with that hug?
Kristine: You know, it’ll sound odd at first, but when you hear the whole story, not so much. I’ve actually delivered a black wedding dress. The bride and groom were getting married in Mexico. By themselves, no family, and she wanted something that could then be used as a party dress for dancing. For her it made perfect sense, and it was beautiful!

SCL: One last question…what would you most like to share with our readers?
Kristine: That I truly LOVE what I’m doing with all my heart. There is a lot of stress in this business, but I do a lot of praying, and always pay great attention to the details.

Want to know more about Kristine? Visit:

Elda’s Bridal Boutique
“Making your special day a dream come true.”
1100 W New Haven Ave, Melbourne
(321) 984-7192 | EldasBridal.net