SpaceCoast Living sat down with one of our very own beloved moms, Judy Piersall, for some insight on how she’s built a happy home and made it work over the years. 

SCL: Tell me a little bit about your children. 

Judy: Kali is 30, lives in Birmingham, Alabama and is a wedding videographer. She’s engaged and will be married in October. Ellie, 26, is a Special Education teacher in Jacksonville. She’s engaged and will marry in March 2019. Wes is 24 and pursuing his passion as a strength and conditioning coach, currently on the Texas A & M football staff. 

SCL: What’s the most important aspect of being a great mom?

Judy: Praying. There’s nothing more powerful than a praying mother. You have to give your children both roots and wings. But the wing phase can be agonizing and often the only control you have is to pray for them.

SCL: What advice do you give other moms?

Judy: Be a parent not a friend. You’re not intended to be your child’s buddy. They have their own friends and so do you. Children need guidance and someone in charge. There will be time to be friends once they’re older. You’re a parent; act like one. 

SCL: What was your “go-to” when things were hectic? 

Judy: When you have three children, things are always hectic because as parents you’re outnumbered. Maintaining balance in our home was important. You only have your children for a short time and raising them is a daunting responsibility. A 24/7 thankless job, but life’s most important. 

SCL: What are some fun family traditions you have with your kids? 

Judy: Our family tradition is Tennessee. It’s our happy place. The kids practically grew up there and it’s become their legacy. Logistics prevent them from coming here much. Our family time is mostly spent on Dale Hollow Lake at our home in the woods making memories. And I imagine it will be that way for generations to come.

SCL: Now that your kids are grown, what’s the relationship like? 

Judy: Our children are all very grounded, fun, accomplished adults. They say if you can count on one hand your true friends you’re lucky. My girls are now two of my five. Wes is very close to his dad these days, especially since he’s taken the coaching path. I’m so very proud of and happy for them. It’s an exciting time of life.