How better to end this month’s Mother’s Day issue than with a mom-to-be. SCB’s own Jessica Cabot is due later this month with her first. Jessica and her husband, Brandon, have just finished their nursery in anticipation, and Jessica sat down with us for a few quick questions on what all of this means to her.

SCL: So, Jessica… getting a little nervous yet?

JESSICA: I’m really looking forward to meeting our little one! Now that we’ve finished the nursery and stocked up on the essential baby items, I’m feeling a sense of calm. I get nervous thinking about all that I still need to learn about taking care of a newborn and motherhood. And, how I’ll be able to find balance after the baby. It’ll be an ongoing learning process for sure.

SCL: Do you already know if your child is a boy or a girl?

JESSICA: Yes. We decided to find out the baby’s gender in advance, and it was one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy so far! We had our ultrasound results placed in an envelope, and it took a lot of self-control to not peek before our gender reveal party two days later. We both had a feeling that the baby was a girl, so we weren’t surprised when we cut into a cake and saw all of the pink icing! We couldn’t be more thrilled to be welcoming a little girl into our family!

SCL: What has been the most challenging part of this journey so far?

JESSICA: The entire pregnancy has been a whirlwind! We found out we were expecting at a time when there was already a lot of change happening all at once in our lives – it was one week before we relocated to Melbourne for Brandon to start a new position with Northrop Grumman. Managing all of the change that came with the relocation was difficult, especially since we moved away from our families and friends, but we quickly got acclimated with the area and have established a support system here as well.

SCL: What are you most looking forward to as a new mom?

JESSICA: I can’t wait to hold our baby as soon as she arrives. I’ve spent months reading about her growth, imagining her size compared to the fruits and vegetables that are listed in my pregnancy apps, and feeling lots of movement. I’m very eager to meet her! I’m also looking forward to being there for all of her milestones, watching her learn and experience new things for the very first time, and of course, witnessing the smiles, squeals, and giggles – baby giggles are the best!

SCL: How is Brandon holding up? Is he as nervous as you?

JESSICA: He’s been amazing throughout the entire pregnancy, and I have no doubt that will continue into parenthood. He just learned how to change a diaper, so he thinks he’s ready! If he spent as much time as I have reading about babies, he would be more nervous. Brandon enjoys figuring things out as he goes. He is already talking about taking our little girl to the beach and to see her first rocket launches from Cape Canaveral. I’m still trying to get him to understand the difference in priority between buying a kayak and a rocker.

SCL: We all know you have to be careful eating during your pregnancy. What’s going to be your first splurge after your little girl is born?

JESSICA: A ribeye cooked medium rare with a glass of Malbec. I’m a meat lover, and before pregnancy, I was known to eat steak for dinner a couple of times a week. After one bad experience with trying a well-done steak during my first trimester, I’ve avoided steak altogether. I’m hoping that I’ll revert back to enjoying steak once again!