Bobbie Dyer
Division President, Dyer Mortgage Group

The mortgage business is challenging, fast-paced, interesting, and rewarding. There are so many aspects to successfully operate a mortgage company that the job is never
boring! Bobbie Dyer, division president of Dyer Mortgage loves being able to help her clients with their financial goals and create the right financing program for them. Dyer says, “I chose the mortgage industry as a long-term career after starting an entry level job. I was intrigued with how complex the business is and I loved problem solving no matter what the challenge. It is never boring and I have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the business.”

A Day in the Life
Just what is a day in the life of Bobbie Dyer like? “My day includes managing team members, meeting with all types of clients, developing relationships with referral partners and other businesses, short and long term strategies and business planning, financial management and responsibility for all income and expenses incurred, developing and executing a business plan that delivers a superior customer experience from start to finish, and ensuring that everything we do meets all federal and state laws.” She emphasizes that the mortgage business is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world.

Dyer says, “The most exciting thing to me is seeing a client at closing and know that we did a great job for them and put their needs first! It’s great when clients tell me how happy they are with the advice and service we provided; I especially love it when they say that they felt we really cared about them on a personal level because that is our top priority. It’s also exciting to have a new client call and say that they were referred to us by friends and family because they were so happy with how we took care of them.”

A Personal Mantra
Dyer’s favorite saying is also her personal mantra, created when she was starting out on her own with absolutely nothing “so I knew there was nowhere but up.” That mantra is, “Other people can be smarter than me, richer than me and prettier than me, but they will NOT out work me!” Dyer adds, “I used hard work to get where I am today; no matter what the job was I did it and I made sure I did it well and put as much effort into it that I could.

“I love sharing what I know with others so they too can become whatever it is they want to be!” Dyer says. “There is no limit to success as long as you are willing to work harder and smarter than everyone else. I have mentored many people from all age groups, income, and educational levels and it is one of my favorite things to do in life.”

A Rising Tide
Dyer has lived in Brevard County since 1989, and is active in the community as well, spearheading numerous local charitable events and efforts. She is known locally at the go-to person to organize a strong volunteer effort and fundraising team, large or small, and was a recent recipient of SpaceCoast LIVING’s “Spirit of the Space Coast” award in November 2016. Her take on community service? “A rising tide raises all ships. I call it ‘collateral benefit.’ Everyone feels the benefit of a giving community.”


Division President, Dyer Mortgage Group (April 2012-present)
AVP/Branch Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (1994- 2012). In addition to working as a branch manager Bobbie was on multiple national project teams for Wells Fargo, traveling around the country and speaking at conferences. She has also worked at an executive level on numerous committees and projects.

Words of Wisdom
When asked what lesson she best learned from a mistake, she paused, then offered this: “Two things, Growing a business and expanding with more offices and employees does not necessarily result in better overall business performance or profitability. Second, when hiring someone you already know (or know of through reputation) you still must fully interview them just as if you did not know them at all. Always make sure you ask the right questions to be sure that you will work well together and that they have the same values and ethics that your business has. Office culture is extremely important!”