Nourish bath products are safe to use and impossible not to love.

Take a stroll through Downtown Melbourne, and you’ll find Nourish – a natural bath products store that provides skincare, soaps and scrubs, hair bars, essential oils and more natural remedies for your home. It could be the luscious aroma throughout the shop that put me instantly at ease or the kind, knowledgeable employees who offered information when I needed it, but I was more relaxed and refreshed when leaving than I was before entering.

photography by Jason Hook Photography

When it comes to choosing natural skin and body products, many questions and skepticisms may arise. From labels, ingredients, pricing and articles about how natural is better for you, navigating the skincare world can be a confusing one without knowing who to trust. With poor Food and Drug Administration regulations and false advertising, it is often better to seek a professional or a small business for help. For Brevard residents, Nourish can be your trusted guide.

photography by Jason Hook Photography

Like many bath shops, Nourish carries all of the favorites and essentials, including, but not limited to: a variety of scents for their soap bars and scrubs (the Cinnamon Oat scrub bar was my favorite for this past Winter season); the shop’s own line of handmade essential oils; hair bars to get the most out of your product while being waste free; and the fizzy bath bombs we all know and love. A couple of unexpected products I came across were their essential oil patches, soaps for your furry friends and a soap to prevent bug bites!

The essential oil patches contain a certain oil or formula that are individually created to fulfill a specific purpose. For example, muscle and joint comfort formula (Arnica), to help ease pain or tension in your joints; stress comfort formula (Bergamot), to help you relax and unwind; and PMS and menopause formula (Rose Geranium).

Of course, I would highly recommend the store’s regular essential oil bottles. Often times, when opting for a cheaper, local alternative than doTERRA or Young & Living, the result can lead to a scent that quickly fades. But with Nourish essential oils, I found that they were cheaper and worked just as well as the more well-known brands. I purchased their Defense formula (cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary) to boost my immunity and prevent sickness. In the long run, I’ve been very satisfied and have incorporated it into many cleaning supplies to prevent sickness.

Today, consumers are more aware about the dangers of the products they consume. Nourish’s bath products are not only natural but homemade, so you can feel good about the products you are using on your skin and in your own home.