The 905 Café offers guests all the comforts of home.

If you are walking through Downtown Melbourne, it’s hard to miss the pink building with the staircase: one of Melbourne’s more famous Instagram locations. But when you walk inside, you’ll find yourself standing in The 905 Café – a hidden gem and a local favorite.

Photography by Jason Hook Photography

It is hard to ignore the heavenly smell of coffee, and mismatched furniture and tables give the shop a unique look among nearby cafes and coffee joints. The 905 Café offers a variety of caffeinated drinks, pastries and other breakfast and brunch items. But Heather Tyner, the owner, says that what truly makes 905 different from other coffee shops is the relationship the shop has with its customers, many of which are regulars. With cute places to take photos and perfectly brewed coffee, it is easy to see why!

“I think we’ve always been kind of like mom and pop, family owned and run,” Tyner said. “I think we do things a little differently.”

Photography by Jason Hook Photography

Tyner says 905’s most popular drink (and her favorite drink) has to be the iced mocha. But if you’re not a chocolate fan, the café offers several different coffee flavors including fun seasonal flavors. The shop also offers milk alternatives for those who are dairy-free or just wanting to try something different. I love their coffee with some coconut milk!

The breakfast and lunch menus are as popular as the coffee. The brie apple nut melt sandwich is a fan favorite according to Tyner. The shop also has great bagels, my personal favorite being the lox bagel.

Tyner worked at 905 for a little while under the previous owner of the business and was excited to step into the ownership role herself. “I just love the business, so I took over and went from there,” she said.

She also mentioned loving the ability to spend more quality time with her family. She has two children and the coffee shop allows her flexibility in her schedule so she can be there for her children as well as the shop. She also loves working with the 905 staff.

Of course, she loves the Downtown Melbourne location because she can witness all the change and growth it is experiencing. She enjoys making connections with other shop owners and seeing their businesses grow as well.

Tyner and her staff know their customers’ names and orders upon walking in; something that might be unheard of at your local Starbucks or Dunkin. In addition to being a smaller, local business, their coffee is locally sourced. It is roasted weekly at 905 and sold in individual bags for purchase as well.

Many of today’s coffee shops have a very modern, minimalist feel, but The 905 Café offers something unique. 905 is timeless and makes you feel at home the second you walk through the door.