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Tim Myers and wife, Danielle, decided to take a leap of faith in 2009 when they launched Myers Lawns from their Palm Bay home.

“I had been working as a land surveyor and was part of a big team. I started the lawn business on the side to make extra income,” Myers said. A layoff from the surveyjob,afewoddjobsandthearrival of their third child later, “I decided to take my future into my own hands and control it. I didn’t want someone else – with the ability to fire me or cut my hours – to have that power,” he explained.

Eight years later, the business has expanded to seven trucks on the road, a growing and reputable tree-trimming business and 13 employees on the payroll. The company manages more than 200 residential accounts along with 15 commercial accounts, mostly large- scale residential communities.

“It’s been a steady climb, and a good one,” he said. But not always an easy one.

In 2011, after establishing a foothold in the community, the Myers happily welcomed their first daughter, Addisyn. At six months, the infant was diagnosed with stage one cancer (Wilms’ tumor) in her kidney. After removal of that kidney and a 10-day stay at Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, the Myers became acquainted with the staff and volunteers at Candlelighters of Brevard (a non-profit organization offering emotional support and financial assistance to families of children with cancer), and a twofold philanthropic mission developed.

First, to help support the organization: for this, Myers Lawns sponsors the organization’s annual Have A Heart Ball; additionally, Myers donates 50 percent of the first month’s billing on all new contracts to Candelighters.

Second, to donate “lawn time” to families battling cancer: for this, Myers Lawns Foundation works with staff and resources at Myers Lawns to help families with children that are fighting cancer. They organize events at family homes to trim trees, hedges and grass, lay mulch, and other yard work as identified.

“We were so lucky with Addisyn. She left the hospital cancer-free and never had to go through chemotherapy. We want to give back to help others who may be going through the same thing we were,” he said. (Now six years old, Addisyn remains cancer-free.)

Expanding the scope of the business, Myers is focusing on grow ing three branches of the business:

  • Pavers – Myers recently began paver installation services. Although a seemingly seamless process, there are many considerations when adding pavers to a driveway or landscape, such as coordinating with utilities (to avoid digging up or striking buried cables or pipes), slope issues, proper edging and using the best base materials for the project.
  • Landscape – Services are evolving as Myers and his team provide one-on-one consults with clients to identify specific needs and address the gardening and plant maintenance challenges for a community situated by the sea.
  • Tree Trimming and Removal – Myers second business, The Tree Professionals, carries certifications in power line trimming, bucket truck operating, hazardous removals, roping and rigging and Bobcat operating to assist residential and commercial customers with tree and stump removal, tree trimming and pruning.

Myers Lawns



The Tree Professionals