Kristy Smith, vice president of G&G Roofing in Rockledge, took a few minutes from a very busy schedule to talk about metal roofing. “Metal is the big thing right now. We’re seeing more and more homeowners lean toward a metal roof over shingles lately.” 

You aren’t limited to the typical flat metal roof anymore; G&G can roll different patterns, different widths, standing seams and ribbed panels. “We do much of the forming of the panels on-site now,” Smith said. “Metal roofs have the highest wind rating and energy efficiency than any other typical roof system on the market. Metal roofs do not lose their integrity compared to shingles which start losing granules, getting embrittlement from UV exposure, and adhesive losing its bonding strength. The best shingle roof will have a tough time lasting 30 years in the Florida sun.” As for colors, while you can certainly still do the typical silver/gray metal, colored metal roofs are often part of the design of a home. “We’re seeing white metal roofs — you definitely get FPL credit with the white,” Smith says. “And we’ve actually done a few black roofs lately. Some people think it is going to be hotter, but it’s not. We don’t have every color, but we’ve got reds, blues and we’ve got greens. We’re also using more and more copper. A copper roof with copper gutters and downspouts is a beautiful look.” 

The quality is in the details 

Smith says, “We don’t use the typical tar paper on our projects, we use a premium self adhering underlayment. On metal roofs, there is a specific underlayment with an exposure time from 120 up to 180 days. Even if your roof does blow off for some reason, there is still a level of protection there.” 

Homeowners often ask for Smith to compare benefits of roof types in storms. The answers are obvious. “Shingles, because of the way they’re laid, are prone to blow off. Unfortunately, you can have a brand-new roof, and if a storm comes through, you could lose shingles and have a leak. But the wind can’t get underneath a metal roof — they are actually screwed down. I’ve never had a metal roof blow off.” And if you are worried about rain making a noise inside your home? “Although metal roofs had the reputation of being noisy, since originally it was more common to see them installed over furring strips which allowed them to vibrate and echo, the majority of metal roofs are installed directly to the deck which eliminates that,” Smith says. 

And tile? Smith says, “Tile is a beast that I don’t really care for. A house must be built to take the weight of a tile roof. You can’t just take shingles off and put tile on; it won’t hold the weight. It’s so complicated, and the tile installation is more fragile than people realize. Especially if it does have a leak. Tile roofs are one of the very few roof systems that are considered a wet deck roof system, meaning the tile is not a waterproofer and instead, the real waterproofing is the underlayment and the flashings. A tiny little pinhole in that cement between the tiles is hard to find. Tile is also a very heavy roof, and tricky to walk on and fix. You must walk on those barrels a certain way, or you’ll crack them. Homeowners who clean their own gutters need to be very careful up there to not crack a tile or the cement layer.” 

G&G’s business is split equally between residential and commercial work, with 15-20 crews out daily. They also have repair and inspection crews out every day. Smith was quick to add, “If I could mention — people put a new roof on and then don’t check it. Every few years, especially before a hurricane, or if you have an older roof, get an inspection done, have a professional come out and check it and make sure everything looks safe.” G&G offers that service as well, but plan it before the storm season hits. One tiny leak during a storm can cause a lot of damage when you least need it. ◆ 

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