By Mallorie Ann Ingram

With just the right combination of resort-style living, exceptional customer service and the latest technological advancements in rehabilitation and medical equipment, it is no wonder Melbourne Terrace’s rehabilitation facility is growing.

“Everything we do is customer driven,” said Regional Vice President of Clear Choice Health Care Jason Canlas. “We want to show folks that we’re part of the community. We’re not just a business or a rehabilitation center.”

Melbourne Terrace is a 170-bed skilled nursing and rehabilitation center that primarily focuses on rehab services, ranging from physical, occupational therapy, speech therapy, etc.

Additionally the facility has specialty certified rehabilitation programs including Aquatics, COPD, stroke, urinary continence, CHF, wound care management, pain, manual therapy, balance, etc. just to name a few. “We adapt with all the changes constantly occurring in the medical field due to advancing technologies,” expressed Canlas.

“We are dedicated to identifying and serving the needs of our community. We’ve tailored our clinical and rehabilitation programs according to what Brevard County needs,” affirmed Canlas. “While in addition to doing this, we expanded the facility. We went from 120 beds to 170 beds. Of those, 104 beds are completely private rooms with their own bathroom and showers for short-term rehab.

Canlas explained the importance of involvement in the community related to the senior population, such as its involvement with Senior Resource Alliance, The Alzheimer Foundation, the March of Dimes, Kids Beating Cancer, Parkinsons Support, etc.

“We do sponsorships with a lot of the local schools,” said Canlas. “We try to develop partnerships that we make within the community.”

Canlas recognizes the critical need for this type of inpatient and outpatient program in Brevard County. He explains that although the market is small, there is a high demand for rehabilitation and skilled nursing with short-term services. Melbourne Terrace operates with a customer focused delivery system, and understand the individuality of each customer, not just their medical and rehabilitative needs.

“We want people to see us as the premier rehab center in the community, but also a big partner the community,” said Canlas. “That’s something we try to instill with all of our leadership. We have to champion customer service, build our relationships and listen to our customers.”

When visiting Melbourne Terrace, individuals will find something unique that sets it apart from the other skilled nursing facilities. It goes without saying that the accommodations, rehabilitation programs, physician leadership team, etc. are unparalleled. However the commitment to being the provider of choice for health care and rehabilitative services is what puts this group in a class of its own.

Board Managers: Melissa Conn, Uyen Close, Brittney Dumont, Isabel Sarakas, Miriam Gazdain


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