Shine in More Ways Than One this Holiday Season

Prior to decorating your home this holiday season, Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning suggests you “clean it up before you hang it up!” By receiving a professional roof and exterior home cleaning this holiday season, you are not only ensuring a clean, fresh, inviting look to your home and brighter, more dazzling festive decorations – you will be starting off the new year crossing “saving money” off your list of resolutions.

beacon-roof-cleaningBeacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning saves residential and commercial clients thousands of dollars by restoring roofs that were thought to need replacement due to their discolored appearance, which costs about 10 times more than the cleaning and restoring services that the roof actually could require instead. The same goes for a home’s exterior, deck, fence or driveway, when a replacement or new paint job is not necessary, just a thorough cleaning. They use a less invasive soft wash chemical cleaning system that has been proven safe to remove crusted dirt, mildew, algae and more, resulting in a stunning cleaning that will have neighbors believing you repainted your home or actually installed a new roof, yet you paid a fraction of the cost.

This is a fantastic time of year to invest in the quality and appearance of important home features. Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning can extend the life of them with their custom services that do more than just eliminate stains, they also kill mold. Decorating for the holidays will be easier and potentially safer, with mold and slippery debris and algae removed before hanging up lights and décor. With a clean roof, driveway, fence and exterior, those passing by will be able to admire your spirited décor without being distracted by undesirable, dingy or discolored cosmetics. You will impress guests coming over for a holiday party, and will ring in the New Year ahead of the home repair game.

Whether it is your roof, deck, driveway, screens, home exterior, or all of the above in need of sprucing up, Beacon Roof & Exterior Cleaning offers many innovative services that yield efficient results. Their technicians are trained to care for siding and roof materials of all kinds, including brick, stone, stucco, vinyl, tile or shingle roofs, wood siding exteriors and more. They offer services to commercial clients and homeowner associations as well, suggesting they too receive roof and exterior cleanings prior to decorating for this festive season, assuring community entryways and buildings shine as bright as their holiday lights.

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