Be Natural, Replenished & Balanced

A new scientific breakthrough has allowed for patients to intake natural plant-based hormones called bioidentical hormones. They have the same chemical structure as hormones created naturally in the body and eliminate many of the safety concerns that are identified with synthetic hormones. The key to avoiding the ”rollercoaster” ride of hormone intake lies in keeping the hormone levels sustained and consistent. Research has found that this is best done by the BioTE pellet delivery method, something that Dr. Adamcik of Live Longer Medical is an expert in. 

Dr. Adamcik has been administering hormone therapy since 2009. He graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in chemistry and attended medical school at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. He is board certified in internal medicine. 

The BioTE Pellet delivery method allows for hormones to stay at a balanced, consistent level by store-housing hormones the body can access as needed, all the while diminishing side effects. Pellet therapy uses small pellets that contain bio-identical, all-natural testosterone and estrogen and are inserted just under the skin. The area is well-numbed first and the insertion is quick and virtually painless. The beneficial results last up to six months with just one insertion and there are no pills to take or creams to apply. “It’s the easy button for youth and health,” he says. 

live-longer-medThe array of benefits of hormone replacement therapy include enhanced energy levels, greater mental clarity, increased muscle tone and mass, decreased body fat, increased libido, decreased mood swings, irritability and depression. Benefits also involve protection for both men and women against serious health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, breast and prostate cancer, loss of bone density and diabetes.
Dr. Adamcik has linked the hormone therapy with saving peoples marriages and relationships, and has treated people in their teens and up to their 90’s. 

When Dr. Adamcik performs an initial screening on a patient to survey their hormone levels, he oftentimes finds them to be off balance. Patients are surprised to learn it is hormones when all along they thought symptoms were linked to aging, and therefore nothing could be done about it. Dr. Adamcik enjoys proving that theory wrong.

“Balancing the hormones in the body has a variety of benefits which include correcting mental fog, low energy, depression, irritability and weight gain. These symptoms are often associated with aging and are therefore accepted as ‘normal’. Here at Live Longer Medical, we don’t want your reading to be ‘normal’, we want it to be ‘optimal’, and that means not just accepting that it’s aging or that nothing can be done. It can.” 

After accurately identifying a patient’s hormone levels using tests including blood work, he prescribes the optimal dose for that patient. Live Longer Medical prides themselves on offering personalized approaches to patients, not only for hormone replacement therapy but for primary care, vitamins and nutrition. They don’t treat a patient’s needs as “one size fits all.” 

“We don’t mask a patient’s health issues and just ease their symptoms. We find the root of the their specific problem and we fix it. We give patients their lives back.”

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