Advances in Surgical Technologies for Better Patient Outcomes

Most everyone has, at one point or another in their life, suffered from back pain. For most of us, it’s a temporary situation that resolves itself and life carries on. For others, though, it could be ongoing, chronic, debilitating pain that compromises emotional health and quality of life. And that is something Laser Spine Brevard is trying to change.

With three offices in Brevard, and others in Tampa, Orlando and Daytona, the specialty medical practice is redefining traditional back, spine, and neck surgeries. First, most procedures are completed on an outpatient basis, with the majority of patients returning home the same day to recover in familiar and comfortable surroundings.

Typical recovery is 1-3 days, said John Stewart, Chief Executive Officer at Physician Advisors, the parent company of Laser Spine Brevard. That’s a far cry from the three-week recovery process, usually with at least an overnight hospital stay, required with traditional spine surgeries.

Suntree Clinic Room Rendering
Suntree Waiting Room Rendering

Cutting Edge Means Less Cutting

Nowadays, the technology and surgical equipment is so advanced that many of these surgeries – ones that used to require an 4 to 8-inch scar down the spine – can now be completed with an incision as small as a dime and have patients back to normal routines, and jobs, within a few days.

The precision of the surgery can help correct and provide relief for chronic conditions such as sciatica, stenosis and slipped or bulging discs.

Patients with moderate to active lifestyles can experience progressive degeneration of joints and the spine over time. The body, as it ages, is not able to effectively repair itself and intervention is sometimes required to help the body realign and heal.

When prescribed, these minimally invasive surgeries offer patients an alternative to regular surgical procedures when other treatment methods have not worked. Fusion techniques allow distribution of weight over larger areas of the spine, which helps bone fuse together naturally over time. Laser techniques offer faster recovery times with fewer complications and less need for pain medications, said Stewart.

Most patients are injected with pain relief medications at the point of surgery that are released over 3-4 days to aid recovery with as little discomfort as possible.

Additionally, these procedures called “bloodless fusions” result in very little blood loss for the patients, which also helps speed the recovery process.

The practice offers comprehensive treatments to address pain management and has recently begun offering regenerative medicine, including PRP and Stem Cell treatments, which are used to treat and alleviate joint pain.

“We are offering cutting-edge, futuristic treatment (modalities) right in line with the tech innovation of the Space Coast. It’s one reason we centered our core business in Brevard,” Stewart added.

Ready Access to Therapies and Treatments

Most evaluations are completed among three offices in operation: the first office on Evans Road near the Melbourne Mall, an office in Titusville to cover north county patients, and a new flagship office being developed Suntree’s Medical City, which is being built out in phases and should be completed by the end of 2021.

The newest office (in Suntree) will combine four units into a comprehensive surgery and clinical center, offering evaluation, MRI, lab testing (including EKG, bloodwork) and surgical suites for outpatient procedures. Laser Spine Brevard currently is conducting patient evaluations at Suntree Internal Medicine and accepting new patients at all locations.

“We want to ease the fears some people may have about the complexity of these procedures so they can get the treatment they need to feel better and experience optimal health.”

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