By Chris Bird

Luxe Laser Lipo offers “no pain, all gain” nonsurgical liposuction treatment.

For most people, 20 minutes relaxing beneath a warm blanket sounds heavenly. When you do it in a treatment room at Luxe Laser Lipo in Suntree, the warm blanket is actually a set of strawberry laser diode paddles — featured on “The Doctors” and “Rachel Ray” television shows — and the time spent relaxing is also spent shrinking an average of one to three inches from a patient’s waistline during the first treatment.

“It’s a completely noninvasive, pain-free way to tackle inch loss,” said Chris Bird, owner and certified body contourist. “It’s a great option to tie in with exercise and a healthy lifestyle to speed things along without going under the knife. There’s no pain, no side effects, and unlike other nonsurgical liposuction options, you see immediate results rather than waiting three to four months.”

The process works by irradiating the adipocyte cells beneath the skin through laser energy, which forms pores on the cells and allows water, glycerol and free fatty acids to spill out into the bloodstream. “The glycerol is taken up by the bloodstream for energy and the lymphatic system pulls up the fatty acids,” Bird explained. “Everything is emptied out and the fat cells shrink, just as they would with exercise, but it takes minutes rather than months to achieve these results. And people can continue to lose inches if they’re eating a low-carb diet and continuing to exercise within 48 hours after a treatment.”

Bird and her husband tried it as patients before deciding to get into the business. “I was already doing nutrition wellness coaching when we heard about Luxe Laser Lipo and saw a friend’s results,” Bird said. “Then my husband gave me a treatment for Mother’s Day, and we were so impressed by the results we decided to open a location of our own. We opened in Palm Beach Gardens first and have been in our current location at Saint Andrews Boulevard in Suntree since July 2018.”

For most patients, one month of biweekly treatments leads to a loss of two dress sizes, or 3.75 inches from their iliac crest, the area around the hips and lower stomach that can often hold stubborn fat. And Luxe Laser Lipo makes it easy for people to see the process and get an idea of the results. For the cost of a $99 trial, clients can come in, get the full treatment as if they were going to get the series of eight sessions, take photos and measurements for reference, and spend 20 minutes on the Strawberry laser diode panels and 10 minutes on a whole-body vibration plate.

“We also talk about their goals, what they’ve tried and what hasn’t worked, and their diet and exercise regimens,” Bird added. “If patients aren’t already eating healthy and exercising, they should be prepared, coming in, to make those changes. This is a great way to trim inches, and the results are immediate and permanent, provided you maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise routine.”

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