By Carrie Stevenson

Brevard’s Christian Care Ministry joins believers in a community of care and prayer.

Since its founding 25 years ago in Brevard County, Christian Care Ministry has empowered members to share faith, prayers and resources to lift the burdens of others, live in accordance with their beliefs, and follow the model of the early church by living in an authentic Christian community where no one is left in need. With more than 400,000 members nationwide, over 650 employees, and more than $1.8 billion of medical expenses shared, the ministry provides an innovative option for health care through its Medi-Share program.

We facilitate the sharing of member bills directly from one member to another so everyones’ health care needs are met. Medi-Share is one of more than 100 health care sharing ministries in the United States. These groups join people of similar religious beliefs together to share each other’s medical burdens based on the New Testament example of caring for one another.

“We facilitate the sharing of medical bills directly from one member to another so everyone’s health care needs are met,” said Michael Gardner, senior director of communications. “For example, I agree at the start of the year to an annual household portion amount, and any medical expenses I have will be paid for out-of-pocket until I reach that amount. Then, I’ll be eligible to be matched with other members’ funds to address my medical expenses.

“I also have an account at a financial institution, and Medi-Share will facilitate the sharing of the funds in that account to match with other members in need. I’ll get a message that my funds will be going to, for example, the Wilson family, and I can also send a message to the family that I’m praying for them. A member’s need might be met by one or two other members or by many more for a large bill. We have addressed million dollar needs in the past.”

Medi-Share is faith-based health care and a not-for-profit so members’ monthly and annual costs are affordable. Most members report saving about half their expenses compared to other health care options. In addition to supporting each other in prayer and encouraging a sense of community, members’ also pledge not to use tobacco or illegal drugs, or to abuse alcohol or legal drugs.

Members have access to a nationwide provider network that offers discounts in care. Additional perks include dental and vision discounts and free telehealth. “It’s important for people to see how these alternative programs work, so we have a team that helps them understand what this would look like for their family,” Gardner explained. “Medi-share is not health insurance, but it is an affordable choice for people looking for a way to address health care costs. More importantly, our members are part of a community of believers that care for each other through prayer and encouragement.”

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