Linda Bradley, President, Space Coast Cancer Foundation awarded the Priscilla Mack Survivorship Award at the Miles for Moffitt event in Tampa

The Priscilla Mack Survivorship Award is given annually to a cancer survivor who exhibits outstanding commitment in the fight against cancer by inspiring others who have been diagnosed with cancer and who work tirelessly in fundraising efforts for cancer research and education.

Linda is a lymphoma survivor who fundraises and participates in Miles for Moffitt as a team leader (Blood Thinner Team) and, since her diagnosis, works to help others with cancer.

In 2006 Linda was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the left eye tear duct- a very rare type of cancer. Dr. Richard Levine of Space Coast Cancer Center referred her to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for treatment. There she was treated by Edwardo Sotomayor a world class doctor and head of malignant hematology.

“I had the ‘god father.’ Thank God he knew exactly what to do,” Linda says. After several months of daily radiation treatment she has been in remission for four years.

Throughout her treatment she raised funds for Moffitt, including making prayer bracelets with other patients. Every May she raises money for Blood Thinners team in the Miles for Moffitt 5k event. This is her fourth year and her team is among the top fund raising teams each year.

After her retirement in 2009 she joined the Space Coast Cancer Foundation as president and has been a major factor in the foundation’s development and event organization including the Daffodil Gala, Celebration of Life, Hope Health Healing educational seminars and monthly support groups. She has also served as a speaker at many national and international cancer events.

“Whatever they ask me to do, if I can, I’ll do it,” Linda says. She considers her relationship with Dr. Levine far beyond that of the patient and doctor anymore. “He saved my life, I’m paying him back. I’m very grateful to him.”