Inspire Your Home Design

Your home is your place to rest, connect and grow. From the structural design to the flooring and furnishings, it’s a reflection of who you are. Combining all these elements can be a daunting task for some and if that’s you, leave it to the experts at Inspirations Home Design Center.

Inspirations Home Design Center (IHDC) is your one-stop destination for all interior and exterior resources. It’s a place where designers are inspired to carry out the homeowner’s vision and a place where homeowners can be inspired. With over 20 distinctive furniture lines, as well as a full array of vendors including tile, marble, granite, cabinetry, window and wall coverings, blinds, lightings and fine accessories, IHDC offers everything you can imagine and a few things you’ve never dreamed of.

The designers at IHDC have nearly 30 years of combined design experience. They work with the homeowner to understand their lifestyle and the spaces they prefer to help define their vision. Homeowners have the ability to customize every area of their dream home, and the design team works together to present every opportunity to think outside the box.

After the first meeting with the homeowner, designers display their concepts in a “room by room” fashion in the showroom. This allows the homeowner to see and feel the materials that will be incorporated in their spaces, including the flooring, finishes and accessories. Additional PowerPoint slides are created with images that match room by room, which gives the homeowner an electronic version to look through at their convenience.

As the exclusive designer for Christopher Burton Luxury Homes and Arthur Rutenberg Homes, clients of these builders benefit from the design center, as it is part of the building package.  Arthur Rutenberg clients specifically benefit from an online toolbox filled with a gallery of images and design concepts from each and every model ever built within the Arthur Rutenberg system.

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, the experts at IHDC will work with you to create a style that expresses your individual lifestyle with taste.

For more information, please visit or call 321-775-0293