Indian River Coffee Co. Makes the Difference

Rather than opening just another coffeehouse, founders Dale and Sheree Longstreet decided Indian River Coffee Co. (IRCC) would offer something unique by custom roasting coffee beans on site. Coffee beans in their natural state are stored green and are soft and spongy. Roasting is the heat process that turns coffee into dark and fragrant beans. Custom roasting delivers not only top quality but also the freshest coffee.  There are no preservatives and no fake aromas.

“Coffee beans, once roasted, are only fresh for about 10 to 14 days. This fresh, roasted taste is unlike anything most people have experienced. It doesn’t taste burnt like the big chain, fast-food style coffee shops,” said Dale.

IRCC purchases un-roasted, 100 percent high-grown Arabica coffee beans from as many as 15 origin countries. The beans are carefully selected to be specialty grade, the highest grade available, and fair trade to ensure the farmers are paid fair wages. Nearly 3,000 pounds of coffee beans are roasted each month in small batches for peak freshness. Customers are welcome to watch the entire roasting process daily.

Dale Longstreet, co-founder of Indian River

Dale Longstreet, co-founder of Indian River

Since 1996 Dale has developed 72 different roasts, blends and flavors and maintains many of them at the coffeehouse for customers to purchase. This accomplishment is something his wife, Sheree, would be proud of. 

“Sheree passed away in 2012 after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Her passion for quality and the coffee business still exists in every cup we serve,” explained Dale.

The staff at IRCC shares that same passion and delights in serving the perfect cup.  Most of the staff has an extensive background in the coffee industry including
the roasting process itself. In addition to serving fresh coffee and specialty coffee drinks, the baristas prepare a variety of pastries and bagels daily. The bacon or sausage egg and cheese croissant is a customer favorite.

Over 20 blends of coffee are available for purchase in-store and online. From signature blends like top seller Old Bahama to straight coffee blends like Colombia Supremo, prices start at $7.99 for a 12 oz. bag. Once an online order is received, the batch is roasted and shipped on the same day to guarantee freshness and taste. 

How to brew the Perfect Cup – Tips from Indian River Coffee Company

1. Cold, clean water. Use filtered water, not distilled. The minerals contained in water actually enhance the taste of coffee. Filtering that removes sulfur and chlorine is recommended.

2. Measure. Generally, use one tablespoon for every six ounces of water. IRCC recommends a grind of drip or auto drip (medium grind.) 

3. Storing coffee. Do not store coffee in your refrigerator or freezer. Coffee beans can absorb the various aromas in your refrigerator and alter the taste. IRCC recommends storing coffee in a sealed bag or container at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

Indian River Coffee Co.
2112A Sarno Road, Melbourne. Open Monday through Saturday: 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Closed Sunday

This article appears in the February 2015 issue of SpaceCoast Living.
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