The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office mourned the loss of Deputy Barbara Pill, who died in the line of duty last month. Deputy Pill proudly served in law enforcement for the past 30 years. She was previously employed with the Miami Dade County Police Department and began her career with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in 1997. Deputy Pill was highly decorated, being previously presented the Merit Award (twice), Commendable Service Award and multiple Letters of Appreciation for outstanding actions. Deputy Pill is survived by a loving family, three of which are in law enforcement and continue protect the citizens of Brevard.


Sheriff Jack Parker stated, “Our heroes are those who risk their lives every day to protect us and make our communities a better place, Deputy Pill is a sterling example of one of these heroes. Deputy Pill was beloved by all who knew her. She dedicated her entire life to helping others, working more than 30 years in law enforcement. Barbara will be forever remembered as a Deputy Sheriff who gave everything she had to make Brevard a safer place. She was a blessing to our agency and to all who had the honor of knowing her.”