“It was our differences that brought us together, and our similarities that made us dynamic,” says SCB Marketing president Josh Field, who with Jeff Piersall in 2006 founded the multi-million dollar marketing and publishing company behind some of Brevard County’s most recognized brands, including SpaceCoast Living and SpaceCoast Business.

Field, a pedigreed marketing executive with an MBA from Northwestern University’s acclaimed J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management and a successful career climbing the corporate ranks at international consumer goods companies including Ralston Purina, Coca-Cola and Mary Kay, joined forces in 2001 with Piersall, who had been hired as CEO to turn around a nutritional business in Melbourne, FL.  Piersall, the quintessential entrepreneur had an impressive resume in sales management and personal sales following a successful career in coaching basketball at the high school and college levels.

The blending of Piersall’s visionary, motivational and leadership expertise coupled with Field’s organizational, creative and strategic strengths proved to be a winning combination with exponential growth. When the company was sold in 2003 the new owners had other plans and the two executives were soon looking for new opportunities.  As the saying goes, “When one door closes another door opens.”

Both dedicated family men – Piersall has been married to wife, Judy, since 1982 and together they have three children; Field and his wife Jamie have been married since 1986 and have two sons – each was committed to staying in the Brevard County area, which they felt was a great place to raise a family.

Pooling their strengths and money, they formed Space Coast Business, LLC (dba SCB Marketing) in January 2006, with a vision of creating a platform for educating and elevating small to medium-sized businesses and their owners.  They felt if all businesses operated smarter and more profitably then the communities in which they do business will ultimately benefit, be it through new job creation, higher wages, donations to charitable causes, and other characteristics of a robust business community.

In a community that is geographically long (72 miles) and thin (16 miles at its widest point), Brevard County groups and organizations historically fought for share of voice and resources, with little cooperation and dialogue between the entities.  SpaceCoast Business magazine, the company’s flagship product, bridges these differences and presents the Brevard County business community as the robust and diversified economy it is to itself and the outside world.  The principals became active participants, and then board members and leaders within many of these groups, including the four chambers of commerce, Economic Development Commission, LEAD Brevard, Junior Achievement, Brevard Cultural Alliance, KLD Youth Foundation and others, where they successfully recruited other business leaders to share their collective voices and success stories to unify the business community – and it has worked!

With the addition of SpaceCoast Living magazine, which was acquired in January 2008, SCB Marketing’s platform grew beyond just the business community to the entire community, creating opportunities to tout the Space Coast as a great location to live, work and play, and expanded SCB’s presence into the arts, education, tourism and charity arenas.  Today, we have successfully added line extensions that address key niches – SpaceCoast Living HEALTH, SpaceCoast Living FAMILY, SpaceCoast Living HOMESpaceCoast Living FLAVORS, SpaceCoast Living WEDDINGS, and Discover Brevard – and taken our brands into the digital age and created events around them.  In 2011, combined audited readership for our three largest publications exceeded 200,000 adult readers and our growing Internet presence already exceeds 55,000 monthly impressions.  SCB Marketing is the only locally-owned media platform reaching a major portion of the community with a unifying, positive and uplifting message.  SCB is all about what is RIGHT about the community we call home.

With all these people and businesses following our brands comes great influence – influence that some say exceeds all other local media – for which Field and Piersall take great personal responsibility and ensure every member of their team understands and respects the responsibility they have to their community – and to each other.  SCB Marketing means class, character and integrity – a brand that is trusted and loyal to those it serves.

In addition to its media products, SCB Marketing offers a full line of marketing services including brand development, graphic design, copywriting, photography, videography, and web development.  Our success is measured by the successes of our marketing partners who trust us with their brands.  Our staff of twenty-plus talented and dedicated individuals is critical to delivering this quality, and it has resulted in six consecutive years of revenue and readership growth.  We hire based on the character of the candidate, looking for experiences, skills and characteristics that not only mean they can perform the duties of their job, but that they can also fit into and grow our culture, and ultimately make it stronger thus making our community a better place to live, work and play.

This character transcends throughout the organization in everything we do, including putting our clients (whom we refer to as our “marketing partners”) first, donating thousands of dollars to local nonprofits and charities,encouraging our employees to volunteer at causes they believe in, serving on nonprofit boards and committees, and much more.

Our formula for fairness, being positive, giving back, and treating people with dignity and respect has helped us become one of the premier companies in Brevard County and will be the basis for our growth outside Brevard or wherever we choose to go next.

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