Ring in the New Year With a Garden of Color

A great way to bring color into the garden during the winter months is through a wide variety of lilies, which grow best in sub-tropical regions. Many bulbs can be planted in January and serve beautifully as a border or potted patio plant!

Aztec Lily

Blooms are vibrant orange and red blossoms. Grows best in partial sun, and requires plenty of water. Clumps can reach up to three feet tall, and will require bulb separation at the end of the season.

Best of all- they are easy to grow and require little care.


Calla Lily

Calla lilies stem into beautiful trumpet shaped rolls. They grow in many soils, and are perfect for the Florida January weather because they love humidity, yet can survive the occasional frost. Come in many different colors.


Daylilies often open at sunrise, will provide color to your garden for a long period of time, and can sustain the warm Florida heat. Daylilies grow in clumps, which make them a great voluminous addition to your garden.

Gloriosa Lily

Rightfully called the “Fire Lily”, the Gloriosa Lily blooms flame like petals of vibrant pink and yellow. This special breed of lily grows on a climbing vine, and must be planted alongside a standing object such as a fence or alongside your house.

** A tip for planting climbing vines is to plant the tubers horizontally with the growing tip facing up 2-3 inches below the surface. The larger the tuber, the more flowers you will be able to enjoy.

Hurricane Lily

Unlike their namesake, this late summer bloomer brings smiles to the Florida gardeners throughout the spring and winter seasons. Its’ unique shape attracts butterflies, making this a great addition to a garden for more than just its’ good looks


Rain Lily

Don’t be fooled by the name-Rain Lilies can tolerate almost any condition Mother Nature can throw at them, from wet soil to desert conditions. This makes them a great addition to any part of your garden where other weaker species may have trouble reaching their full potential.

Add color to your outdoor living space by planting your favorite lily in a contrasting outdoor flowerpot.

From the Experts

“Lilies are a great way to add texture and color to floral arrangements, so don’t be afraid to mix and match! It is important to cut lilies as long as possible when you plan on using them for floral arrangements. Always make sure to give them a “fresh cut” at an angle right before placing them in the vase in order to increase their shelf life. Cala lilies work great in tall narrow vases due to the way they grow, and the Glorisa works best with mixed greenery with its vibrant colors.”

-Lori Larson

Owner, Suntree Florist & Gifts

6450 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne