Hi everyone!Mallorie Ann Ingram

As we kick off a month dedicated to celebrating moms across the area, I can’t help but feel sentimental as I look back on past memories with my wonderful mom. In my opinion, Mother’s Day shouldn’t be just a day. It should be a year-round act of honoring some great women. Growing up, I was blessed to have an amazing mom in my life. Not only was she the ideal role model, but she taught me how to appreciate the simple things and to live each day to its fullest. She introduced me to the arts, tea parties with my great-grandmother’s China set, and encouraged me to write and never give up. Of course, I’m biased to say that my mom is the greatest in the world, but I’ve also witnessed numerous moms throughout my life that make such an impact while often going unnoticed. So, here’s to you moms! The strong women that hold us together, keep things moving, and love us no matter what. We’ve got a fun, inspirational magazine ahead, so enjoy!