Some may think olive oil has limited use in the kitchen, but there are multiple ways to creatively use olive oil to enhance the flavors of food. “From Olives and Grapes” is no stranger to this idea.

Co-owners Pam Shaia and  Stan Pengelly opened From Olives and Grapes with the idea of being a tasting emporium for ultra-premium virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world. With two locations on the Space Coast, the store focuses on offering the most unique, flavorful and freshest award-winning olive oils and balsamic vinegars available.

At both locations customers can sample oils and vinegars from large stainless steel urns called fustis. Under the store’s expert guidance, customers will learn the difference and intricacies of the different types of olive oil and vinegars available, as well as pairing combinations.

One of the main differences between the products sold at From Olives and Grapes and what’s sold in grocery stores is the taste and health benefits. Vinegar and olive oil are better and higher in nutritional value when fresh. “The selections available are always changing depending on the sourcing region, which is one way we guarantee the freshest product,” said Pam. Another way they guarantee freshness is by bottling on the spot.

Some of their best sellers include:
Traditional 18-year-aged dark balsamic vinegar
Tuscan herb-flavored extra virgin olive oil
Aged pure Vermont maple balsamic vinegar
Blood orange infused extra virgin olive oil

Additionally, From Olives and Grapes carries risotto from Italy, pesto, jams, pasta, gluten-free items, and gourmet dog treats. The sales from these gourmet dog treats raise money for the Poodle, Sheltie and Golden Retriever Rescue organizations; since starting in October, they have donated over $3,500.

From Olives and Grapes has online ordering available and offers free shipping with a purchase of four, eight or 12 bottles. A 12-ounce bottle retails for $16.75.

Whether you’re looking for a new marinade or something extra to bring out the sweetness in fruits and vegetables, the selections of oils and vinegars at From Olives and Grapes are sure to bring your meals to new and unexpected levels.


Cocoa Village
12 Oleander Street
(321) 205-1740

Historic Downtown Melbourne
912A E. New Haven Avenue
(321) 676-8918

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