Are you thinking of selling your custom home in Melbourne Fl any time soon? According to the data published by the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales went down this year.

Released data indicated a 5.1 percent drop on existing home sales where January records showed the lowest rate since July of 2012. Experts say that unpredictable weather patterns (long winters) have totally affected sales profits this year. Results suggested that it is quite impossible to sell homes quickly and at a fair price.

There may be a hundred reasons why it could be hard to sell your home, but there are more than a thousand reasons you can. Selling your home need not be rocket science; what it needs is a little repair here and there.

Home buyers would want to take their money’s worth out of anything they spend. Selling your home would mean investing in repairs, designs, paint and landscaping.


Curb appeal refers to the landscaping aspect of any home, so why not start enhancing your home’s curb appeal? After all, first impressions last. Invest in a little landscaping project so every potential homebuyer will be interested to look inside the home.

However, to save up on costs but still make it look professionally done, try to look for self help videos regarding landscaping. There are hundreds of video tutorials about gardening and landscaping projects to help you get started. Doing it yourself will surely minimize cost while increasing your home’s market value.

New Paint on the Walls, Ceilings

It is easy to spot whether a home has been used for many years, the faded paint says it all. However, when custom homes are up for sale, a little paint will not hurt. Tax rules indicate that expenses incurred within 90 days before home sale and paid for in 30 days, federal law allows a deduction on the fix up costs.

Make any Needed Repairs, Especially Highly Visible

Homebuyers will inspect all the corners of the house to make sure there are no hidden defects. To avoid losing that possible sale, make all the necessary repairs at once. For these types of projects, it is better to hire an expert.

Note that there may be video tutorials about repairs but hiring an expert will lessen the time learning them. A professional repairman will give you an estimate of the possible costs and negotiate when possible.

Lawn Care

Lawn care is an extremely important but often neglected spot in every custom homes for sale. Lawns do not grow plants overnight but needs time and attention. Do not wait for the time you are selling your home just to give it a little care; start today. Well-maintained lawns increase a home’s curb appeal, thus increasing the chances of being sold at a higher price.

Home sales may seem simple but can be complicated if you do not know the key points to consider. Before putting your home up for sale, it is vital that you take care of the necessary repairs and negotiate costs to attain maximum profit once sold.