Frank G. Ditz, MD, is a board-certified family practice physician with more than 20 years of experience. He has won many physician and patient choice awards as well as the Physician of the Year for the National Republican Congressional Committee™. Dr. Ditz has expertise in multiple fields and is both a local and a national lecturer in many subjects including insomnia, osteoporosis, hypertension, depression, asthma, diabetes mellitus and antibiotic therapies.

Dr. Ditz states his most impactful mentor during his career journey is the same person that made him grow into his profession: his mother, Nancy Ditz. His deep love and respect for others, along with his need to help improve and maximize the length and quality of life, came from the love she had for her family and her selfless devotion to others. While witnessing her face a life-threatening experience, he made a simple “deal with God:” He promised if he got his mother back, in return, he would do everything he could to help others get their lives and family members back from any medically related danger. That promise is as strong at age 55 as it was at age five and is what powers his entire practice and has led him to practice medicine from Washington D.C. to Okinawa, Japan to Saudi Arabia in both wartime and peacetime, military and civilian practice.

The real world has often let him down but his medical sense of always looking at the big picture and how everything works and fits together allows him to catch things both in medicine and business before too late and has allowed him to become successful in the position he now holds.