At Dermatology + Plastic Surgery, we often meet with patients who are getting ready for a huge life event: weddings, reunions, holidays, birthday milestones or photoshoots.

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The common feeling among all these patients is that the timeline to prepare is shorter than ideal. So we developed a timeline tool to put things in perspective for patients to better prepare and plan, so that we have a strategic approach and can obtain optimal results for our patients.

If time is limited, there are always things we can do to enhance or improve skin quality and facial features, but we will present the ideal timeline for major life event readiness.

When patients are considering a more major change involving healing or recovery time, a consultation should take place four to six months prior to event. This allows appropriate evaluation and planning to coordinate time that may be needed to be off work or arrange special support through recovery. Typically, from the time of consultation, procedures or surgery can be done within one to two months, and recovery is normally four to six weeks. Popular procedures are eyelid surgery, breast augmentation and body contouring.

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We encourage starting a medical grade skin care regimen four months prior to an event. Every six weeks the skin goes through a complete regenerative cycle, and this gives time to optimize any skin care regimen to achieve goals such as removing aging brown spots or discoloration, improving texture and reducing fine lines. Our core steps to any regimen can be simplified to:

1. Cleanse
2. Protect
3. Renew

We need to remove daily oil and debris so that our products can penetrate the skin and take effect. We must protect with a mineral SPF 30 or greater to reduce and repair damage caused by the sun and our environment. And we must renew with retinol/tretinoin and antioxidants to slow and actually reverse the aging process that is ongoing.

Between two and three months leading to event, we recommend treatments such as liquid lifts, and Dr. Saluja’s Y-Lift using fillers to re-volumize and optimize facial shape. We often do these treatments in combination with wrinkle relaxers such as botox, dysport, or jeuveau to synergistically enhance facial appearance. Wrinkle relaxers will last up to three to four months, and typically hyaluronic fillers will last six to 12 months, allowing time for refinement or addition of product prior to any event if needed.

Other non-invasive treatments to consider during this time are radiofrequency body contouring with Trusculpt 3D. We have found this treatment to be as or more effective than Coolsculpting with less discomfort. Also, in this timeframe is when we introduce lasers for complexion or resurfacing to further enhance skin quality and appearance and visibly reduce signs of aging.

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When the event is one to two months away, we encourage light chemical peels to remove dulling dead skin layers and improve the appearance of your complexion. As the event day approaches within one to two weeks, we recommend our patients to experience a dermaplaning or a hydrafacial. Dermaplaning uses a surgical scalpel to very gently scrape away all the peach fuzz, debris and dead skin cells from the skin’s surface without any recovery. The hydrafacial is an innovative suction/extraction/infusion system that clarifies all pores and removes dead skin cells and debris from the skin surface and infused customizable options such as hydration or antioxidants back into the skin. Both treatments enhance your skin care products penetration so that they work better, and both treatments leave you with an irresistible albeit addictive event ready glow.

And here you are – event ready!