Perhaps you’ve seen or at least heard of this latest food craze. Food truck events have been making their mark on the Space Coast for several months now, and while some may think these trucks are selling sloppy tacos or tamales, they are actually delivering high-quality eats. Before you venture out to one of these events, SpaceCoast Living has all the FAQs on what you can expect and how you should prepare.

Q What is a food truck event?
A Imagine a parking lot full of food trucks filled with delicious, ethnic cuisines designed to fit every palate. Some may serve a variety of desserts while others may serve barbecue, sliders, Thai, seafood and much more.

Q How many food trucks should I expect?
A Most food truck events have a minimum of 10 trucks presented but can easily incorporate up to 25 trucks.

Q What type of payment is accepted?
A All trucks take cash. Most trucks take credit card. We suggest bringing $20 – $30 to enjoy everything the event offers. The majority of meals cost between $6 and $10.

Q Is there seating and covered dining?
A Some events may offer scattered tables and covered areas, but the majority of the food truck events recommend bringing your own chairs and blankets to enjoy a picnic on the grounds.

Q Are these events family friendly?
A Yes! Unless your child is a very picky eater, the whole family will find something to enjoy. The city of Cocoa presents Food Trucks and Movies in the Park once a month, and The Food Truck Bazaar events are alcohol free and are all about serving up good food.

Q Rain or shine?
A The event will be canceled in case of inclement weather.

Some trucks may run out of food, expect to wait in long lines, expect loud noise from the generators.

Upcoming Food Truck Events on the Space Coast:

July 25 – The Food Truck Bazaar

August 22 – Movie and Food Trucks in the Park

August 22 – The Food Truck Bazaar

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