I’d like to consider myself a pretty fashion-forward lady. I like to read magazines, follow a lot of blogs and I also may (or may not) be slightly obsessed with Pinterest. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of designers mixing different patterns with each other. When I first saw the look, I thought, “What is happening? Floral print skirt and a striped sweater shirt? How does this go together?”

How do you know when you’ve taken a look too far? How do you know if you’ve gone from being eclectic and chic to looking like you got dressed in the dark?

I started doing some research and found some blogs that shared some simple tips to follow when mixing patterns together. And men, you’re far from being excluded here. We’ve got some great looks and inspiration for you too!

1) Mix patterns from the same color family

It might seem like leopard print, stripes and a hot mustard skirt wouldn’t go together but playing with patterns from the same color can really turn an outfit from boring to fun.

2) Think of some patterns/textures as solids

Although, the hot pink pants do have a pattern to it—think of the texture overall more as a solid and don’t be afraid to mix it with a more obvious patterned top like this polka dot one.

3). Space the patterns out 

A bright bold patterned skirt like this one can be paired with a simple striped scarf like this when the patterns are spaced out with a neutral between them.

Men, if you’re looking for a little pattern inspiration, check out this great blog by Of Rouges and Gentlemen for a definitive guide to mixing patterns.

Some of their preferred pattern pairing include:

1) Striped shirt and patterned tie






2) Striped shirt and striped tie (bolder striped tie)






3) Small checkered shirt and striped tie

4) Checked shirt and patterned tie


Looking for more inspiration? Visit our Pinterest page! Happy mixing, y’all!

-Allysar Hassan